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Features and Operation

By Danny Phillips



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The HT-SB250 is a 2.1-channel speaker system, equipped with two full-range front speakers and four neodymium subwoofer speakers. The built-in amplifier supplies 6W to each front speaker, and 5W to each of the subwoofers.

As suggested by the lack of digital inputs, there are no Dolby Digital or DTS decoders on board. There is, however, some sound processing in the form of SRS WOW HD, which offers a range of presets for different types of material. They include Standard, Cinema/Game, Sport and News. Also on board is High Definition Sound Standard, an audio technology designed to limit the distortion caused by speaker vibration.

Sharp HT-SB250

To fine tune the soundbar’s performance there are other adjustments including bass and treble levels (ranging from -5 up to 5) and subwoofer level settings (ditto).

Installing and operating the HT-SB250 is extremely simple. You get all the hardware you need in the box, including screw-on spikes, foot cushions and wall-mounting brackets. Once in place the front panel controls are self-explanatory and there’s a simple credit-card sized remote for armchair organisation.

Sharp HT-SB250

Its button arrangement is a little scattershot but everything is well-labelled and it covers all bases. There are dedicated keys for each sound preset, for the subwoofer adjustments and bass/treble controls. There’s even a little cluster of buttons to control Sharp TVs, which might save you flipping between handsets every five minutes.

Andy B

March 6, 2012, 7:45 pm

I'm really impressed with the HT-SB250.

The sound quality is excellent and easily to tune to your own tastes. Its pretty smart looking and well built, and it really does emphasise how bad the speakers are on my TV, with good levels of bass and excellent definition on treble. The fact it has no separate sub woofer is also good if you don't have much space.

Sure there are better soundbar systems out there, but none that come close to the price / performance ratio of this one. I paid £100 for mine, and don't have a single complaint, although I'm no audio expert.

It's a solid, cheap, no-frills soundbar. Not of much interest to real audiophiles, but for someone just looking to improve the sound from their TV speakers with a limited budget, it's great.

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