Sharp Aquos LC-32XL8E 32in LCD TV - Sharp Aquos LC-32XL8E

John Archer

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One other problem with the 32XL8E is that its colours don't always look particularly convincing. Perhaps because of the TV's slightly underwhelming black levels we've got a situation whereby skin tones tend to look a touch heavy-handed during dark scenes, no matter how much we tweak the colour settings, and rich reds and especially greens look a touch ‘radioactive' at times.

In other areas the 32XL8E does very nicely. Colours, for instance, although not always completely believable in tone, do benefit from the TV's resolution when it comes to the subtlety of their blends and tonal shifts. Plus they're quite vibrant and fulsomely saturated.

Brightness levels are well-judged, too, so that images look bright but not so aggressive that the picture looks forced or ‘PC-like'. Also, video noise during HD viewing is at a minimum; and aside from some rather plasticky skin tones, standard definition pictures are upscaled to the set's Full HD pixel count reasonably well, with less noise and colour inaccuracies than we often see with standard def on Full HD screens.

While the 32LX8E might have a lot in common with the 32X20E pictorially speaking, sonically it appears considerably better. A 2-way, four-speaker arrangement delivers actions scenes like the sliding truck/smelting factory sequence in Terminator 2 with much more clarity, range, and undistorted volume than the earlier Sharp model, while dialogue remains clear and credible no matter how much of a maelstrom is going on behind it.


Fed the right material - with something bright, colourful and not particularly high in contrast - the 32XL8E can produce some really excellent pictures. And it sounds good too. It's just a pity that it's not more consistent.


August 5, 2008, 4:27 am

You were absolutely right to give this tv a 7 for design. Criticize Panasonic all you want for the silver lip, but at least they're not milking the same design for...well I don't know how long Sharp has been using this particular design, but I've seen it for what seems to be a long time...


August 5, 2008, 6:19 am

Thats true and sharps have had the same issue for a while now banding (I know i have a 46X020), but if you have seen their new 3cm depth LCDTV Trusted Reviews reviewed a month ago u cant say they totally lack innovation


August 6, 2008, 6:28 am

True. But I'm still captivated by the likes of the LG Scarlet and Samsung's Touch of Colour TV's. Amazing design, what's wrong with the designers at Sharp? Come on! We all want to see a designer TV!

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