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June 23, 2011, 6:47 pm

A very well done to Sharp.

Paying attention Panasonic and Sony?!!!

Rightly a "Good value" given no 3D glasses which should be standard (NOTE to tv manufacturers).

Actually, rather than include them as standard which could mean some people end up with a surplus, customers should be able to obtain them FREE at retail outlets or directly from the manufacturer upon providing evidence of purchase of course - including replacements.

What has happened to Hitachi? They use to make such good tvs and videos. Sharp seems to have got its act together after initially floundering.

TR NOTE this story from the BBC ( )

Australia strikes broadband deal with Telstra and Optus

Australia's two biggest telecoms companies have joined the government's A$36bn (£24bn) plan to roll-out high-speed internet across the country.

Telstra and Optus will close down their infrastructure and transfer customers to the state-owned National Broadband Network Company (NBNC).

About 60% of households have broadband, but speeds are slow compared with many industrialised countries.

The plan is to connect more than 90% of households to a super-fast network.

Take NOTE Tory privatisation nut jobs.


June 23, 2011, 8:24 pm

-> Take NOTE Tory privatisation nut jobs.

What instead of -> Take NOTE Labour public sector spendaholics, spend tax payer's money like it grows on trees nut jobs.


June 24, 2011, 5:35 am

@Keithe6e - 4:24 PM on 23 June, 2011

No. You miss the point, as per what the Aussies are doing: doing what needs doing not following some ideological and/or political crap. Bit like what Sharp have done, "Sharp is not, it would seem, a brand to be rushed when it comes to 3D. For having debuted its first ever 3D TV in October 2010, the impressive but flawed 60in LE-60LE925E, it's only now that the brand has seen fit to follow that up with something more mass market."

As for Tory successes: Railtrack and British Railways; British Leyland, British Aerospace, Ship building, British Steel, British Coal, Qinetiq plc, etc etc.

Then there is the recession we have had like the 1928 depression were due to?

Oh, let me be clear I am NO socialist, far from it!!!

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