Sebo X4 Pet



Sebo X4 Pet


Key Features

  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon odour filtration system
  • 1300W of power
  • Manufacturer: Sebo
  • Review Price: £300.00

Sebo X4 Pet

If you need something small, cheap and lightweight to push around a small home, then the Sebo X4 Pet isn’t for you. Weighing in at a hefty 7.4kg it’s one of the bigger models on the market and it’s designed for some pretty serious cleaning, which is reflected in its price tag.

If, however, what you need is something that can cope with a lot of strain and is going to clean your home well, then keep reading. The Sebo X4 Pet is top of the range as far as domestic cleaners go, and has lots of features that make it more than a little bit special. As the dust capacity is quite small you do need to have the patience to keep changing the bag, though — and the bank balance, as the bags are quite expensive.

Producing good results for people with pets, the Sebo X4 has been specifically designed to be able to pick up pet hairs especially well. It also has a carbon odour filtration system that means once you’ve sucked up all the pet hair and therefore the pet smell from the carpet it won’t be able to escape back out of the device.

The anti-allergy design was formulated with help from British Allergy and it has S-CLASS filtration, so even though it doesn’t have the HEPA filter that most other models nowadays come with it’s still perfectly fine to be used by people with allergies.

Features like the stair cleaning hose system and the stair and upholstery turbo brush make it really easy to clean the more traditionally awkward areas of your home. To clean the whole of the stairs you’ll need to use the extension hose though which is a bit of a pain install and which does make the Sebo X4 Pet more cumbersome.

It also has a computer control system to ensure that the 1300 watts of power are always being used to their best advantage. This computer doesn’t make the device difficult to use, however — everything about the Sebo X4 Pet is simple and easy to understand.