Seashell SS-1 Waterproof Camera Case - Features Table

By Cliff Smith



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Seashell SS-1 Waterproof Camera Case


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August 17, 2010, 11:17 pm

I have a marine pack for the Sony DSC-T9 or T30 and my T9 died so it's now useless until I get a secondhand camera from ebay. I have to say it worked really well having taken pictures as deep as 35m in the Maldives but you do need the flash from about 10m depth as only blue isn't filtered out, that's why you see the big lights in documentaries, so this case is really only suitable in shallow depths. Saying that I've had some nice pics of sharks upto about 2m length and the whole picture with a blue tint because of being unable to use the flash due to plankton bloom. For me the price of this case is a bit expensive considering the Sony marine pack was about the same price and you're able to use all the camera functions and for snorkelling you can use a normal waterproof compact as Cliff said, I have a Fujifilm Z33 WP.

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