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Mio Spirit 685 EU front

1 / 3

Reviewed by James Morris

13 May 2011

Mio Spirit 685 EU

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Runner-up: Mio Spirit 685 EU

The Mio Spirit 685, like its better known finalists, features a 5in screen. It also features IQ Routes - licenced from TomTom - to help in calculating routes to help you avoid traffic. You also get maps of 44 European countriesas standard. However what really makes the Mio stand out is its price, meaning that you get a fully-featured Sat Nav for half the price of its competitors. However our panel of judges felt the Mio’s build quality was not as good its competitors and so it missed out on this year’s Award.

Our Score:



November 30, 2011, 9:55 pm

I have this device and, on the whole, I am satisfied with the performance and ease of use. I do not need or require any bells and whistles (eg Twitter etc) but the Google search facility is brilliant. TomTom beats all other nav devices into cocked hats.

However -

The live traffic facility is dubious in its ability to predict delays and is only as good as the data input from various sources. This data is clearly questionable at times.

On a regular run from the SW of France to the NW this device claims that there are 2 (sometimes 3) fixed speed (sorry safety) cameras. Believe me, there a many, many more.

NB. These comments apply to use in France.

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