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TrustedReviews Awards Sat Navs


Our shortlist for the Best Sat Navs of 2011 included devices from big players like TomTom and Garmin as well as lesser known manufacturers like Mio and Navigon, which are now offering high-end features for more modest prices. We asked you to vote for your favourite, whether that was a Sat Nav you already owned or one you simply wished you owned.

Having tallied your votes we whittled down the shortlist to three finalists: the TomTom Go 1005 LIVE, the Garmin nuvi 2469LT and the Mio Spirit 687 EU. The chosen finalists showed how Sat Nav manufacturers now need to rely on their live services like traffic updates as well as better voice control and slicker interfaces to help make them stand out as the physical look of the devices has become pretty ubiquitous.

Our panel of experts then got together to discuss and debate the merits of each Sat Nav, getting a chance to get to grips with each interface as well as judge the different features unique to each device.

The voting was very close, but looking at the judges' comments, it is clear that they felt outstanding build quality and design, combined with unparalleled traffic updates, made one model a worthy winner of Sat Nav of the Year, 2011.

Sat Nav Of The Year 2011 - the winners


November 30, 2011, 9:55 pm

I have this device and, on the whole, I am satisfied with the performance and ease of use. I do not need or require any bells and whistles (eg Twitter etc) but the Google search facility is brilliant. TomTom beats all other nav devices into cocked hats.

However -

The live traffic facility is dubious in its ability to predict delays and is only as good as the data input from various sources. This data is clearly questionable at times.

On a regular run from the SW of France to the NW this device claims that there are 2 (sometimes 3) fixed speed (sorry safety) cameras. Believe me, there a many, many more.

NB. These comments apply to use in France.

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