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Sandstrom SFF4DS11



Sandstrom SFF4DS11


Key Features

  • 410 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Four star freezer rating
  • Manufacturer: None
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Sandstrom SFF4DS11

The Sandstrom SFF4DS11 is a great compromise between standard fridge freezers and their huge American style counterparts. At 180cm tall and 78cm wide it’s certainly larger than your average appliance, but it’s still not quite as big as the really enormous ones. It also has a capacity of 410 litres — again, much more than you’d get in a bog standard model but definitely smaller than other models. It also follows the traditional style of having the fridge on top and the freezer on bottom.

It certainly has the looks of an American fridge, though, with a brushed steel finish, electronic display and smooth sleek lines. It has two compressor coolers and an A Class energy efficiency rating, even with its big size. It’s also no nosier than any other fridge once it’s cooled down to its correct temperature.

The fridge has three glass shelves, two large crisper drawers to store fruit and vegetables in and ample door storage — although tall things will rattle when the doors are opened if not packed in securely. The pull-out hanging drawer is really useful for storing things such as cheese or butter. The bottom shelves in the door are big enough to fit a four pint bottle of milk or even wine bottles in, even though the Sandstrom SFF4DS11 has a bottle rack.

The freezer has four freezer stars, which means you can freeze fresh food as well as pre-frozen items as well as being able to keep food stored safely for up to a year. The right side of the freezer has three deep drawers and the left side has two because the top part is taken up with three twist and serve ice-cube trays which are really easy to use. The freezer also plays host to Frost Free technologies, which prevent large build-ups of frost and makes defrosting easier. It is perhaps a little small compared to the fridge.

Whilst the Sandstrom SFF4DS11 is slightly more expensive than other fridge freezers on the market, as a compromise between a small traditional fridge and a big American one it’s a good solution.