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By Stuart Andrews



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As with the U4, Samsung seems hell-bent on giving you some kind of cool audio/visual experience from a tiny screen. With the previous player we had an almost unrecognisable, miniature monochrome simulacrum of the album cover art during playback, plus a range of animations when you flick between functions on the main menu screen or scroll through option screens, each accompanied by a cheerful little noise.

The U5 has all this stuff, but goes one better with a tiny animated character, labelled ‘Popcon', who turns up to greet you when you first switch on the player, then dances manically on the left of the ‘now playing' screen to any tracks where you don't have album art to, erm, enjoy.

I can't say that this sort of Tamagotchi nonsense floats my boat, but there's no question that Samsung has pulled out all the stops to make Popcon a feature, giving you a wide range of cheerful bitmap characters to choose from, and allowing you to name them if you wish. Still, if it's a bizarre inclusion, it's not one that has any negative impact on the user experience which is - as with the U4 - very good. Some of us might miss things like on the fly playlist creation, but you can enable gapless playback, and navigation by file browser or the usual ID Tag methods is simplicity itself.

Functionally the U5 has a little more to offer than the average player of this size, though again Samsung seems to be taking a slightly quirky approach. We still get an FM radio with auto presets, a decent little voice recorder and a podcast function, but Samsung has now thrown in a weird Fitness function. Choose an activity from the list (Walking, Running, Hiking, Yoga etc) to do while you're listening to your player, and the U5 tells you how long you've been doing it for and how many calories it thinks you will have burned in the meantime. You can set your body weight and inform the U5 of your daily fitness goals and it will then track your progress day to day, with able help from your ever lovable Popcon.

Again, I can't see this of being much importance to the average TR reader, but it's the sort of cute touch that might make the player more appealing to a wider audience. In fact, when you consider that players like this are often sold for use during gym workouts or while jogging, it all makes a certain amount of sense. One thing that doesn't is that the radio still won't let you autotune the presets from within the radio function itself. You still have to go outside to the Settings menu and do it from there.


July 5, 2009, 3:27 pm

OGG and FLAC support is why I like samsung :)


February 25, 2010, 4:02 am

One thing that was surprising, perhaps I shouldn't really mention in this review as 1. nobody probably read this anymore 2. it's not really about this player, is that the earbuds I got from my YP-U3 is surprisingly good, sure, it has little to no bass, but compared to my Phonak PFE's, they're only a minor fraction behind in terms of clarity and punch. At first, when I got my Phonaks, I thought I was going crazy 'cos I couldn't tell major differences between the two even though the Phonak's are one of the clearest earphones out there.


April 3, 2010, 3:57 pm

Hello, does anybody know how different is this thing from Samsung YP-U3? The thing is that U5's price is lower than U3's, which confuses me a lot. I listen to rock and metal, so I'm afraid about buying U5, according to what they say in this review...

Keith Distin

September 23, 2010, 11:59 pm

The review says you can enable gapless playback. How do you do that?

I have one and can't find it anywhere in the settings.


December 26, 2010, 4:42 pm

i bought a 2nd hand of yp u5, it's still in good shape and works perfectly fine. there are so many differences of u3 from u5, if you say that u3 is much costly than u5 it is because of the touch screen system and the technology that was based from. i had u3 before and loved it so much i just misplaced it unfortunately. if you own a u3 and want to upgrade to u5 it would be much better if you use your u3 till it wreck out, because it's like touch screen technology makes it pretty than u5, u5 don't have clip on the package that's the only thing i really hate. yet u3 is almost good for plain mp3 player.

i recommend it for it's design ang flexibility.

for those who are first timers and wants a cheap mp3 player i really recommend u5, though no touch screen technology it's all worth it and much techy than u3. and all the downside of u3 and u4 where improved by the u5. that's it!!


November 3, 2013, 12:07 pm

how do u fix it if the light does not work

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