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Samsung Xpress M2022W
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W - Controls and NFC
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W - Open
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W - Cartridge
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W - Feature Table
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W - Print Speeds and Costs


Our Score:



  • Single-button wireless setup
  • Google Cloud remote print
  • Remove print elements through driver


  • No single-sheet tray
  • No high-capacity cartridge
  • Noisy

Key Features

  • Wireless Direct print
  • NFC Tap and Print
  • Easy cartridge fit
  • 20ppm claimed speed
  • Easy Eco driver
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £60.00

What is the Samsung Xpress M2022W?

A compact mono laser can be the ideal printer for anybody with a limited budget, who doesn't need colour print. Sub-£100 lasers sit in a surprisingly crowded market, with most of the main manufacturers offering at least one model. Samsung has long played in this arena and the Xpress M2022W offers good mobile compatibility, as well as wireless and USB connectivity.

Samsung Xpress M2022W - Design and Features

The printer has a very compact footprint when closed and Samsung has done its best to keep it small when opened for printing, too. The front panel folds down to become the paper feed tray and the two-stage paper support which folds out from the top takes a rakishly steep angle, increasing the printer’s height, but keeping its depth down.

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Samsung Xpress M2022W - Controls and NFC

The small control panel on the right-hand side has two leds and two illuminated buttons. As well as the power button there’s one for WPS connection; press it and the corresponding button on your WPS-enabled router and the printer connects securely with a minimum of fuss.

Samsung Xpress M2022W - Connections and Cartridge

Opposite the control panel, on the other side of the output tray, is a label showing where to touch your Near Field Communication (NFC) equipped smartphone or tablet to make a trouble-free connection for printing. At the back of the printer is a single USB socket too, though the wireless connection is a more flexible option.

A single-piece drum and toner cartridge slides into the depths of the printer once you’ve hinged the whole of the top cover up, out of the way. The cartridge is available in just one capacity of 1,000 pages, which is quite low for a laser, but high compared with inkjet printers at the same price.

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Samsung Xpress M2022W - Cartridge

The printer driver includes Samsung’s Easy Eco panel which previews a print job and enables you to select options such as lower toner use, multiple pages per sheet and duplex print – though only manual duplex. It shows reductions in toner, paper, energy, CO2 and cost as you option changes.


March 31, 2014, 10:07 pm

Just bought this printer because of the recent fall in price, and I'm glad it received a good review.

Regarding the wi-fi aspect, I wonder if TR had any problems connecting to it via wireless-N? Using a Linksys EA6900 mine only connects via b/g, with an error message if I try wireless-N only. I suspect it could be an incompatibility with my router, but I'd like to hear another opinion.


November 28, 2014, 9:10 am

What is error code 11-1112?


December 31, 2014, 9:38 am

Shouldn't you be including the term 'Mono' in your article title...?

Isn't the desire (or lack thereof) for a single colour printer a fairly massive consideration for most people when trying to source a printer?

Hilary Saunders

March 2, 2015, 1:05 pm

I have had this printer for three months and the cartridge has run out. PC World want to charge me £49 for a replacement cartridge or I could get one online from Samsung at a cost of £44. I do not do a large amount of printing and I regard both of these options as a rip off. I bought a cartridge with the correct number from another store at a lower price, but my computer insists it is incompatible, so this is how Samsung makes a big profit on what appears to be a cheap award winning printer. It was a big mistake not to ask about the replacement cost of cartridges. My verdict - 0 out of 10.


May 9, 2015, 12:32 pm

on A m a z o n u k , toner around 34 gbp

John Malkovics

December 13, 2015, 9:28 am

Printer cartridge has a chip which indicates emptiness before actually being empty (can be overwritten by thrid party hacking tools), much less pages can be printed (with normal text prints) then indicated. wireless connection alwayys needs reinstallation, NFC has never worked even from Samsung devices it just fails. If it is hooked up like a 20years old wired printer and you have no expectation on prin amounts at least the cartridge can be bought anywhere do to the mass availability of Samsung products, so be aware of the Korean quality then it can be used on low throughput print jobs at home.

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