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Samsung WF0702WKE



Samsung WF0702WKE


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • Ecobubble™ technology
  • A** energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £329.00

Samsung WF0702WKE

Like the other Samsung machines, the Samsung WF0702WKE is full of technology to improve its energy efficiency and cleaning power. For starters it has a 7kg Diamond Drum™ — a drum with smaller holes that are arranged in a diamond-embossed imprint to collect more water and ensure the washing is in contact with water for longer, creating powerful and efficient cleaning.

What’s more, the Samsung WF0702WKE has Ecobubble™ technology. Ecobubble™ washes your clothes in a soapy foam rather than soapy water. This innovative system is far more efficient at cleaning clothes than traditional models with the bubbles penetrating fabrics more easily than water and help you get good cleaning results at lower temperatures.

Ecobubble™ is also far gentler on your clothes than traditional methods — the fabric will stay soft and shiny for longer and the colours will stay brighter. Combine this with the fact that the Diamond Drum’s smaller holes make it harder for clothes to rip and get torn, and it’s clear to see that the Samsung WF0702WKE looks after your clothes.

As you can wash at lower temperatures using Ecobubble™, you won’t use as much energy to heat the water required for an effective rinse. The ceramic heaters featured in the Samsung WF0702WKE also help with energy saving; they are far more effective and more durable than standard heating models and have helped make the machine very eco-friendly and earns it an A** energy efficiency rating.

It’s not just impressive technology that makes this machine so good, however. Playing host to a few natty programmes that help separate it from the competition, the “soak” function removes tough stains easily with a bevy of Eco-settings further enhancing the usability. The multiple wash programmes can make it a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to the WF0702WKE functions, such as the “My Cycle” option, these personalised programmes quickly become extremely useful.