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Samsung WD8704RJD



Samsung WD8704RJD


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £466.00

Samsung WD8704RJD

First things first, the Samsung WD8704RJD looks absolutely beautiful with a big, shiny, black and modern looking exterior meaning the device will fit in with any gadget-filled kitchen. It isn’t just about the looks either with the aesthetically pleasing oversized porthole door allowing you unobtrusive access to the plentiful contents of the 7kg drum.

As a washing machine, the Samsung WD8704RJD works really well. It has twelve separate wash programmes that are all fully customisable in terms of spin speed (maximum of 1400 revolutions per minute, which is quick) and temperature. You can also set it to pre wash, add extra rinses or hold rinses. There’s also a quick wash cycle and a Woolmark endorsed wool cycle. An all-round strong performer, the WD8704RJD earns its A-grade wash performance rating.

Whilst many washer-dryers combos have good washing functions but awful dryer capabilities, the Samsung WD8704RJD avoids this trap, drying clothes just as well as it washes them. With four separate drying programmes, although these cycles can be a bit long, the unit lives up to its competitors whilst adding a handy wrinkle prevention option.

There are lots of nifty extra features on the Samsung WD8704RJD, too. It has a graphic LED display to help you understand what exactly you’re setting (which is useful, as it’s a bit complicated and hard to understand at first). This display tells you things such as how long the wash has left and if there are any faults with the machine.

Even with all this capability the Samsung WD8704RJD isn’t a power guzzler — it has an energy efficiency rating of A*, so should save you lots of money on your electricity bills. It’s also surprisingly quiet. Overall, the Samsung WD8704RJD is a strong all-round product that’s also very good value for money.