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Samsung WD0804W8E



Samsung WD0804W8E


Key Features

  • 8kg drum capacity
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
  • Ecobubble™ technology
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £629.00

Samsung WD0804W8E

If you like your home appliances to be a bit gadgety, check out the Samsung WD0804W8E, a prime example of how washing machines are becoming increasingly hi-tech as the years go by.

Firstly, it’s got Ecobubble™ technology, creating a soapy, bubbly foam to wash your clothes in instead of standard soapy water. Not only does this get clothes excellently clean as the bubbles penetrate more easily, it uses just 30% of the energy a traditional model would use. It also means you can wash at a much lower temperature — when you use the Samsung WD0804W8E’s Eco Wash programme you wash at 15°C with the results of a 40°C wash. All this energy saving works out to smaller electricity bills for you. Bonus.

As a plus, Ecobubble™ isn’t as harsh on your clothes as traditional washing methods and will keep them in a pristine condition for longer. This trend of caring for your clothes continues with the other big feature of the Samsung WD0804W8E — Diamond Drum™.

The Samsung WD0804W8E has an 8kg Diamond Drum™, a drum that features a diamond embossed imprint and which touts smaller holes than its traditional counterparts. This diamond shape collects more water, which means the washing is in contact with water for longer, a method which equates to beautiful cleaning. The smaller holes also mean that fabrics are less like to poke through and get damaged. On top of this, wrinkle protection means that you have to spend less time ironing when the washing comes out.

These special features don’t impact on the standard washing machine features, though. The Samsung WD0804W8E is capable of 1400 revolutions, which is quite good for an 8kg drum size. You can adjust both temperature and spin speed for the different cycles, which are generally quite quick whilst the large porthole door makes getting washing in and out easy. Really this is a good all-round machine.