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Samsung VCU3351



Samsung VCU3351


Key Features

  • 1.8 litre capacity
  • Bagless dirt chamber
  • Turbine brush
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £54.00

Samsung VCU3351

At a very reasonable price, if you’re looking for a basic vacuum cleaner that will act as a good all-rounder than you might want to have a look at the Samsung VCU3351. It’s an upright model that can cope with cleaning any family house or flat easily.

The bagless dust container in the Samsung VCU3351 is much better than a bagged type as it’s quicker, easier and much cleaner to empty. You don’t have to worry about the dust billowing out when changing the bag and covering you, or you breathing the dirt in and it making you cough, because with a bagless model you just unhook it and tip it straight in the bin.

You’ll have to change it quite often, though, because the 1.8 litre dust capacity is really quite small. Also it’s not got the HEPA filter which is pretty much standard on other models, so if you’ve got allergies to dust or asthma you might want to consider getting a different model.

At 5.8kg it’s not that heavy to carry around, but you don’t sacrifice cleaning power for manoeuvrability as it cleans very well, with strong suction (which does make the Samsung VCU3351 a bit noisy). The turbine brush on the Samsung VCU3351 is good for picking up pet hair, even if you have a long-haired pet with hairs that get wound into the carpet.

The Samsung VCU3351 has attachments such as a crevice tool and a dusting tool, but these are actually quite disappointing and much worse than the tools on other models. Those extendable plastic hose is rubbish too, as it doesn’t have enough suction to pick up anything more than dust. What is useful, though, is the cable rewind which makes withdrawing the long wire much, much easier.

There are much better vacuum cleaners on the market than the Samsung VCU3351, but for the price it’s difficult to go wrong.