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Of course the LD220HD must also function as a monitor and here it does another commendable job. Particularly impressive is the clean white-level, which makes working on documents a good deal easier. In synthetic pattern-based testing we found the LD220HD produced more subtle grey shades than many TN-based LCD monitors, but this was with the caveat of some yellowness creeping in. Trained eyes will also spot the tell-tale signs of dithering, which was particularly obvious at the darker end of gradients. In real-world use, however, these problems should rarely be evident.

This is particularly true of HD content, which the LD220HD does a good job with. Its Full HD, 1080p resolution really helps here, making high quality video look sharp and detailed, while colours are punchy without looking oversaturated or unrealistic. Finer details in shadows are also well-produced and the display's warm default colour temperature, indicated by the yellow tinge to grey tones, does suit film content.

It also helps that the backlight bleed issues evident on the P2370HD seem to be under control here, with just a tiny hint at the top and bottom edges. Consequently the black level is okay for an LCD, particularly if you dial back the backlight setting when suitable.

Only motion really highlights the modest origins of the LD220HD, with panning shots in particular suffering from stuttering, blurred motion. This, of course, is an intrinsic weakness of LCD technology and given the price of this monitor - and £200 is seriously good value for such a versatile monitor - it's no surprise there's little to no processing to smooth this out.


Anyone who demands flexibility on a small budget should seek out the LD220HD. For £200 it offers truly stunning value, particularly as the performance and attention to detail of the set far outstrips anything you'll see on no-name alternatives.

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  • Value 10
  • Image Quality 7
  • Features 9
  • Design 8

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