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By Sandra Vogel



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The SGH-M110 also has a camera. I've already mentioned its flash that doubles as a torch, but you might as well forget about taking any decent photos. The VGA resolution (yes, that's 640 x 480 pixels) is not up to much at all.

The coloured dish, photographed indoors under normal household lighting is not too bad as far as colours go, but you can see from the edging of the photo that it's not easy to frame shots. The phone's screen doesn't give an accurate representation of what is captured in an image. Generally you get a little less in a photo than the screen suggests and are tempted to overcompensate.

The white chair lacks definition, as you'd expect from such a low resolution photo. The chair's legs are out of focus which is worrying. The cat again suffers from poor definition, though she was moving slightly when the photo was taken.

Other applications include a memo maker, calendar, to do list, alarm, clock, calculator, timer, stopwatch, unit converter and voice recorder as well as a WAP browser. Bluetooth is built in and there is 2MB of memory in the phone with space for 500 phone book entries. There is no way of expanding on the built in memory with flash storage. The phone is dual band.


Samsung seems to think that those wanting a rugged handset don't need many features. I disagree. Just because I am out in the rain and the mud does not mean I don't want to check a website or two, listen to some music or take a decent photo, nor that I don't need a reasonably good screen. Sure this phone will do for some with a ‘rugged' pattern of use, but others will find it woefully under-specified.

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Pablo Verity

December 3, 2010, 11:02 pm

It's a poor phone in sooo many ways. The bluetooth won't connect to my PC, (any of them), it's so fiddly to drive, and as I am using it at the moment as my back-up, I have to resist the urge to throw it down the street! It does, however, make calls, and texts. Nothing else, though. Don't even think of vCards! Back up your data? No chance. Even with the (supplied) USB...no chance.

Very poor, even for the £20 or so I paid for it. The service from Samsung was so bad, I have determined never to buy any of their products again.



August 19, 2011, 5:48 am

A lot of glitches occur when using this phone, which includes: opened messages immediately skips to the next one although the rest hasn't been read yet; it abruptly freezes and restarts from time to time especially when typing a message; bluetooth doesn't function very well; V-cards don't work; there are times when using the phonebook that selecting a particular contact points to another, and editing it makes the phone crash.The phone is not worth it, i hope Samsung tests their phones well before releasing it in the market.

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