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Samsung Solid SGH-M110 review



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Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • Samsung Solid SGH-M110
  • SGH-M110 Cellular Phone (Dual Band - GSM 900, GSM 1800 - Bluetooth - GPRS - Polyphonic - 64K Colours - 2 MB - Bar - Black)


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Sometimes only the toughest phone will do. Even if you generally like to use a stylish and desirable mobile, there may be times when you don't trust your pride and joy to the prevailing conditions. If you are out on a cycling trip or on a long hike with unforgiving terrain, then that pretty, several hundred pounds worth of mobile just might succumb to something awful like rain, mud, or being dropped and trampled on.

Then there are the businesses for which neat little mobiles just won't do. The builders, the plumbers, and the others who spend time in places where their mobiles can get dropped from a great height, driven over, trampled on and generally handled without much care. Riyad recently took a look at a mobile designed for such conditions, the Sonim XP1.

I've got another here, hailing from the most unlikely place - Samsung, purveyors of stylish and smart mobile phones. The SGH-M110 is also referred to as the Samsung Solid. It is the first handset from Samsung to be classed as what the company calls ‘ultra durable'.

To earn that description the Samsung Solid meets a standard rugged device classification known as IP54. This means it is protected against dust and water. It is neither dust proof nor waterproof but has a degree of protection against both.

Hence, the Samsung Solid has been put inside a rubber casing which offers minimal opportunities for dust and water to get into the phone's inner workings. The buttons on the left, consisting of only two volume controls, are rubbery and have a minimal gap between themselves and the surrounding casing.

Meanwhile the front buttons are mounted in a rubberised fascia so that most of the keys are not individual but instead function by you pushing down on a pressure pad. The exceptions are two small silver keys sitting in the shortcuts area above the number pad. One of these activates and deactivates the speakerphone. The other is a Cancel key that if held down turns the camera's LED flash on and off so you can use it as a torch.

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Pablo Verity

December 3, 2010, 11:02 pm

It's a poor phone in sooo many ways. The bluetooth won't connect to my PC, (any of them), it's so fiddly to drive, and as I am using it at the moment as my back-up, I have to resist the urge to throw it down the street! It does, however, make calls, and texts. Nothing else, though. Don't even think of vCards! Back up your data? No chance. Even with the (supplied) USB...no chance.

Very poor, even for the £20 or so I paid for it. The service from Samsung was so bad, I have determined never to buy any of their products again.



August 19, 2011, 5:48 am

A lot of glitches occur when using this phone, which includes: opened messages immediately skips to the next one although the rest hasn't been read yet; it abruptly freezes and restarts from time to time especially when typing a message; bluetooth doesn't function very well; V-cards don't work; there are times when using the phonebook that selecting a particular contact points to another, and editing it makes the phone crash.The phone is not worth it, i hope Samsung tests their phones well before releasing it in the market.

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