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Samsung Solid Immerse - Call Quality, Battery Life and Verdict

Andrew Williams

By Andrew Williams



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It's often said that making phone calls is now the least-used feature of any phone, but this doesn't really apply to simpler devices like the Samsung Solid Immerse. We're glad, then, that call quality is good. Voices cut through clearly, and there's noise-cancelling technology working its magic to cut out the drone of insects as you hack your way through those Borneo jungles (or cut down traffic noise as you walk along an A-road in Slough.)

Solid Immerse 6

The earpiece speaker could go a bit louder, but the speakerphone driver is much more powerful. It may not make a good web browser, or social networking station, but the Solid Immerse is a handy little call-maker.

Battery life varies hugely depending on how you use the phone. Stay away from the connected features and its 1300mAh battery will last for most of a week. Constantly use the 3G and GPS and it'll drain down in no time. Not being a smartphone, though, this isn't really an always-on device. Emails aren't pushed to it instantly, so it's a bit easier to keep your 3G usage under control.Solid Immerse 1

The three themes - light blue, dark blue and peachy

When all of its connected features feel compromised, it's tough to wholeheartedly recommend the Solid Immerse over its forbear, the non-3G Solid Extreme - which sells for around £60 nowadays. It does offer more features than several of its rugged rivals, though. It has better connectivity and a bigger battery than the JCB Tradesman, while offering the same level of IP certification.

Solid Immerse 6

If you need its rugged credentials, the Samsung Solid Immerse is a decent choice. It costs less than a Sonim or top-end JCB, while still offering impressive strength and waterproofing. If a side-order of rugged will suffice, we'd suggest opting for a phone with better online skills paired with a tough-as-nails case.


The Samsung Solid Immerse has a rugged body that's impressively water- and dust-proof, at a price well below some of its rivals. That it packs 3G too is a surprising extra. However, its connected capabilities aren't up to much and the omission of a 3.5mm headphone jack seems unnecessary. As a phone for hiking or use on a building site, it's a good-value choice. For just about anyone else, it's the wrong choice.

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September 19, 2011, 8:31 pm

I've had one of these since January 2011. I use it in tandem with an iPhone and dual SIM cards. I like it.

I mainly use it mountaineering/climbing, biking and kayaking. It handles the odd call or text; letting people know I'm safe, and find that it can easily go for a couple of weeks without charge. I normally leave 3G off and don't use any of the 'features'. In fact I often find myself charging it just in case rather than because it needs it.

It is quite large by modern phone standards, but that means you can use it with gloves and when your hands and fingers are cold. It's also loud in Outdoor mode with a great speaker phone.

It's not a Search and Rescue Transponder or substitute for channel 16 on a VHF radio but it does have a useful emergency mode. Press the volume button 4 times and it will text 3 defined numbers, with a predefined message. In emergency mode the phone will auto answer an incoming call and switch to speaker phone.

It's a very specific tool for a limited number of jobs and does them better than the best smartphones.


September 20, 2011, 3:02 am

It's great to hear the view of someone like yourself MilleM! Thanks.

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