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It won’t be very long before we find it impossible to recommend any camcorder that doesn’t shoot in high definition. But for now there’s still just about enough reason to choose standard definition when on a budget. If you just want to point and shoot, with no need whatsoever to configure your shooting, an HD pocket Internet camcorder would suit you best at this price. However, if you want a little more flexibility, particularly a fully fledged optical zoom, Samsung’s SMX-C20 would still be worth considering instead, and its sub-£150 price makes it great value.

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November 18, 2010, 4:04 pm

Sorry if I have missed it but there is no information on the sound recording capabilities. I am looking to buy a camcorder to video clinical sessions and whilst we need a picture the quality is not so important but the ability to pick up conversations in a 6mx6m room clearly is vital. Can you comment on this aspect of the smx-c20 please?

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