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The Samsung Series 7 Ultra Touchscreen Ultrabook is an interesting laptop. At 1.65kg and 23.5mm it's thin and light - not quite so thin and light as Samsung's Series 9 laptops or a MacBook Air, but light enough for you to use it on the move. What makes it interesting, however, is it has a dedicated AMD Radoen HD 8750M graphics card, rather than the puny integrated kind found in most laptops this size. This gives it enough grunt to play most recent PC games with reasonable settings, which is a useful thing in a laptop that weighs as little as this. It's a good looking laptop, too, with a comfortable keyboard and touchpad. Its 13.3-inch screen has a full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution that'll be the envy of MacBook Air owners everywhere. It's a touchscreen, too, which is good news for Windows 8 fans, though the screen wobbles a little when touched. A 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 6GB of RAM are ample of everyday computing and lot more besides, and the 128GB SSD ensures apps load quickly and boot times are kept to a minimum. Connections include three USB ports, and SD card slot, HDMI and Ethernet - the latter of which is hidden inside a flap. There's no DVD or Blu-ray drive, but it's an acceptable compromise given this laptop's size. Battery life is good but a little short of great. The Series 7 lasted five hours and 53 minutes in our Powermark benchmark, which should be enough for most people but falls way short of the new 10 hours plus benchmark set by the new 13-inch MacBook Air. It's a little slow to charge in comparison, too, as a 30-minute charge added just 20%, enough for around and hour and 10 minutes. The MacBook Air charged to 40% in the same time, which was enough for nearly four hours of use. This doesn't stop us recommending, though. If you want a slim, light laptop that also plays games, we can't think of a better alternative.

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