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March 3, 2013, 3:23 pm

There are many things to like about this laptop, hence the reason that I bought it in the first place. The A6 processor uses very low power, yet the integration of a graphics chip mean that I can play (on low settings) pretty much any PC game out there as well as it looking pretty good as a ultra-book type laptop. I swapped out the stock hard drive for an SSD which means that it boots and runs really quickly. So far so good.

4 months after having owned it, the screen started to be more wobbly than it had before. I looked around the back and noticed that the plastic join on the right hand side had come away a bit. I didn't think anything of this and carried on using it. (Note that the laptop had up to this point been lovingly looked after and certainly never dropped). Every time that I opened the laptop after this, however, the crack opened up a bit more until about 5 days later the right hand side hinge completely broke off.

I dutifully took this to the authorised samsung repair shop in London and was told after 3 days that because this was "physical damage" I was not at all entitled to a repair under warranty. I protested but there was no way that they were going to do this. The cost for the repair was quoted at around £300, which given that I had bought the laptop for under £500 seemed a bit rich.

So I carried on using the now very broken laptop for about another 2 months a which point the left hand side hinge did exactly the same - over a period of 3 days usage it completely broke off. So now I have a laptop that is irreparably damaged / completely useless and I am at least £300 down if I choose to have it repaired. I can't believe that this is an isolated incident with this model.

Samsung, if you are listening to this 1) I will never again ever buy a Samsung product, and I will do my very best to tell every single person that I know to do likewise 2) you are criminally complicit in selling a sub standard product and not honouring to repair it or provide me with a new one 3) Don't you think that when someone comes into one of your authorised repair shops with a fault on your machine after this machine only having been on the market for 5 months that it would be better to take this machine away and try to understand what the problem is, rather than handing it back to me so that lots of other people can discover later the same problem.

Yours one extremely annoyed and desperately unhappy customer.

March 15, 2013, 6:20 pm

I would buy the store extended warranty I did not and the Samsung warranty is useless. NOT HAPPY

Roman Herrle

June 10, 2013, 3:51 pm

If you should think of buying the 535U3C (with AMD), don't do it.
The ventilator does not even last for half a year, and you don't get guarantee either if you're running a different OS like LINUX or an upgraded Windows (* instead of the installed 7 Home). The best is, that they even do not have the ventilator in stock, nor do they know when they will get it!

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