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Samsung S27C750P review

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Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P
  • Samsung S27C750P


Our Score:



  • Stylish design
  • Pivtoing stand
  • Anti-glare finish


  • No DisplayPort
  • Slight backlight leak

Key Features

  • 27-inch screen
  • 1,920 x 1,080 resolution
  • WVA panel
  • Two HDMI, one VGA
  • 90 degree pivot
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £299.00

It used to be that buying a decent monitor meant spending a small fortune, but that’s not the case anymore. We regularly see large, high quality monitors for less than £300. The Samsung S27C750P, an exceedingly smart 27-inch monitor with a pivot stand, is at the top end of this price bracket – does it do enough to justify the price tag?

Samsung S27C750P – Design

If you care as much about the appearance of your monitor as its actual quality, the Samsung SC750 is the monitor for you. Its minimalist stand and case is refined and classy – it wouldn’t look out of place in a swanky London office. A segment at the back snaps off to create a neat cable tidy compartment – it’s fiddly to use but you’ll only use it once.

Samsung S27C750P 5

It’s not just style over substance, either, as the monitor pivots so you can use it in portrait mode. The action is smooth and resistance-free and the cable tidy is smartly positioned so the cables don’t impede switching from landscape to portrait and back.

There’s no height adjustment, but the Samsung S27C750P is large enough that it sits at a comfortable height by default.

Samsung S27C750P – Setup

It doesn’t come pre-assembled, but attaching the base to the main stem of the monitor is easy enough. More important, the Samsung S27C750P comes out of box well-calibrated – a little tweaking of contrast and brightness is worthwhile and setting the HDMI Black Level to ‘Normal’ is a must, but you won’t waste a lot of time tweaking unless you’re that way inclined.

Samsung S27C750P 2

If you do want to tweak, the controls and OSD are good enough but a little fiddly as the menu system is cramped entirely into the bottom corner. We love the fact it auto seeks for the active input, however, as this saves a lot of tedious button prodding.

Samsung S27C750P – Connectivity

It’s tempting to criticise the connectivity on the SC750 as it only has two HDMI ports and a VGA port. But for most people this is ample – it’s enough for a PC and a games console, for example. Most MacBook owners will yearn after a DisplayPort input, but the SC750 is no worse than rivals in the connectivity stakes.

Samsung S27C750P 8

There are no speakers (no great loss), but there is a headphone jack so you can pipe the audio from an HDMI connection out to some speakers or headphones.

Samsung S27C750P – Image Quality

There’s little to fault in the monitor's image quality. Colours are rich, blacks deep and clean, and the SC750 resolves plenty of detail in subtly lit scenes and photos. Whether you’re watching an HD film, viewing and editing photos or playing games, you’ll be delighted by the vibrancy and high contrast pictures. We also like the fact it has an anti-glare, rather than reflective glass, finish. Glass finishes can make videos and games look better, but to our minds the trade-off isn’t worth it.

The backlight is, by and large, even, though there is some backlight clouding around the bottom two corners. This means you’ll notice slightly brighter segments, particularly when watching videos with black bars. It’s not a big issue, but pickier buyers – especially those after the utmost in accuracy – should be wary.

The only other concern is, like most LCD screens, slow panning shots betray the usual, slightly jerky tearing motion typical of this screen technology. Top-end TVs alleviate this with lots of expensive processing chips, but the Samsung SC750 lacks such niceties.

Best Samsung S27C750P alternatives

The biggest problem with the SC750 is simply the alternatives available to it. For example, anyone who just wants the biggest, highest resolution monitor at their budget will find a smattering a stonking deals on 2,560 x 1,440 resolution monitors for only £60 or £70 more. The SC750’s 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, meanwhile, feels a little restrictive on such a large screen. If we were making the choice, we’d be sorely tempted to spend a little more.

Samsung S27C750P 6

If you’d rather save £50 or so then the AOC d2757Ph is another tempting alternative. It’s the same size and resolution as the Samsung S27C750P and matches it for picture quality – it even supports 3D, limited though its appeal may be. There’s little to choose between them, but we’d favour the anti-glare finish of the SC750 if forced to choose. The AOC doesn’t pivot, either, a niche but useful feature.


It’s not an open and shut case, but the Samsung S27C750P monitor just about earns our recommendation mainly on the strength of its anti-glare finish and outstanding design. There’s better value to be found elsewhere, but this is a very good monitor for the discerning shopper.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Design 10
  • Features 8
  • Image Quality 8
  • Value 7

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