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Samsung RZ80FDMH



Samsung RZ80FDMH


Key Features

  • 277 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • LED control panel
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £650.00

Samsung RZ80FDMH

The Samsung RZ80FDMH might be one of the more expensive freezers its size, but it seems to be more than worth the money.

The Samsung RZ80FDMH is a large upright freezer with a 277 litre capacity, similar to that of an average chest freezer, making it ideal for large families that freeze a good proportion of their food. This model has seven spacious compartments, two of which have are slightly larger than the rest, to accommodate bulky items.

This freezer is fitted with a Fast Freeze compartment to quickly cool fresh foods, keeping them fresher for longer, and a small compartment for storing and making ice cubes. As is standard with most modern freezers, the Samsung is rated A for energy efficiency, and the motor runs quietly.

It is in the small features, however, where Samsung seems to beat its rivals. First of all, there is an LED panel on the front of the door, which allows you to view and control the temperature of the freezer without opening the door. On the inside of the door, there are two soft frost shelves, which will keep things like ice cream cold, but will not freeze them solid. Rare for an upright freezer, there is internal lighting which streams through the transparent shelves and illuminates the freezer's contents.

Unfortunately, due to all of the intricate electronics, this freezer is not suitable to run in colder ambient environments, like garages or outdoor sheds. The door is reversible, meaning it can be opened from the left- or right-hand side, but again, due to the electronics in the door, this can be trickier than with other freezers.

Despite these two issues, this freezer works impeccably well, whilst being easy on the eyes. The unit comes in a stylish, dark chrome finish, with a full length pole for a door handle, the elegant LED unit sitting in the upper middle of the door. A sophisticated and modern piece of freezer technology that is hard to fault.