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Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU





Key Features

  • Beautiful American style design
  • 513 litre capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £1,200.00

Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU

A lot of American style fridges are beautiful, but the Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU takes this to a whole new level. At almost a metre wide and almost two metres tall it is enormous and covered in gorgeous brushed steel. You’d think at such as size it would be noisy, but it only creates 39 decibels of noise which is actually fairly quiet.

That’s just the outside though — open the doors and you’re met with gleaming glass shelves lit by LED tower lighting. This lighting creates very little heat and runs on only a small amount of energy, which must contribute to the Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU’s A* energy efficiency rating. The LED lighting lights up every single corner of the fridge's inside and gives everything a soft, clean look.

In the American style, the freezer is on the left side of the Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU and the fridge is on the right. The 330 litre fridge has two salad crispers and five spill proof shelves. Then there are four door racks, including a dairy compartment and an egg container. The fridge also has a deodoriser to stop it getting smelly.

The 183 litre capacity freezer has four shelves, two drawers and even three pockets in the door. It has four freezer stars, meaning that you can freeze fresh food as well as frozen and that food can stay in there for up to a year. It also has Frost Free features which prevent the build-up of big blocks of ice and frost and ensure that you have to spend less time defrosting.

On the outside of the Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU is a water and ice-cube dispenser, although these features only work if the appliance is plumbed in. The indoor section of the ice-maker is transparent, so you can see exactly how much you have left. This ice-maker does take up quite a bit of freezer space and it can be a bit noisy, but it’s definitely a cool thing to have.