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Samsung RSH7UN



Samsung RSH7UN


Key Features

  • 535 litre capacity
  • Integrated cold water and ice cube dispenser
  • Multi Flow air cooled technology
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £950.00

Samsung RSH7UN

The Samsung RSH7UN is another solid addition to Samsung’s list of American style fridge freezers. At just under 92cm wide and almost two metres tall it’s another big model, with a fantastic 535 litre capacity. Shiny and beautiful it features a water dispenser and an ice-cube dispenser; although you’d have to get it plumbed in to fully take advantage of these.

The fridge inside the Samsung RSH7UN, which has a 352 litre capacity and can be found on the left of the appliance, is internally lit by LED Tower lighting. This lighting uses little energy and produces almost no heat, but more importantly it lights up every corner of the fridge and gives it a lovely, clean look.

This appliance doesn’t just look beautiful, however, it’s packed full of features to make sure that it performs as well as a fridge possibly could. The Twin Cooling technology inside the Samsung RSH7UN maintains humidity of up to 75%, which keeps the natural moisture inside of the fruit and vegetables you’ll put inside your fridge and stops them going off quickly. On top of this, the Multi Flow feature uses a series of vents to stream cool air so the fridge is evenly cooled from top to bottom.

The fridge has four glass shelves and two vegetable drawers inside, as well as a butter tray and door storage deep enough to hold large bottles. The freezer, which has a 183 litre capacity, has three shelves and two drawers, as well as two door shelves. Although the ice-cube dispenser on the outside of the Samsung RSH7UN is handy, it does come at a price; the shelves of the freezer aren’t very deep because a lot of space is taken up by the ice-cube maker. The ice maker can also be a little bit noisy.

Bear in mind that to open the doors fully, which you need to do to get into the drawers at the bottom of the Samsung RSH7UN, you’ll need a little extra space around the fridge. But this is just a minor problem and for the most part the Samsung RSH7UN is very impressive.