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Samsung RSH5UBBP



Samsung RSH5UBBP


Key Features

  • 524 litre capacity
  • Integrated cold water and ice cube dispenser
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £799.00

Samsung RSH5UBBP

American fridge freezers usually look good, and the Samsung RSH5UBBP is no exception. Almost a metre wide and nearing on two metres tall, the RSH5UBBP features a glossy black finish that looks great when polished but does show fingerprints. An impressive appliance, the Samsung fridge freezer boasts an A* energy efficiency rating and only produces 39 decibels of sound, making it very quiet indeed.

In the American style, the fridge and the freezer are next to each other rather than on top of each other. The fridge has a capacity of 345 litres, which is much higher than the total capacity of many fridge freezers, and the freezer has a capacity of 179 litres. In total, the capacity of the Samsung RSH5UBBP is 524 litres, which is staggeringly big.

The Samsung RSH5UBBP also features a cold water dispenser and an ice-cube dispenser on the outside of the appliance. You can get the ice crushed or in large cubes. However, to take advantage of this feature you need to get the Samsung RSH5UBBP plumbed in. There’s also a display on the outside of the appliance that shows you the temperature within.

The fridge is extremely spacious, with several removable (but not adjustable) glass shelves and two drawers to keep salad and vegetables in so they’ll stay fresh for longer. The door compartments are spacious, with more than enough room to store milk and cold drinks in.

The freezer has three shelves and two drawers. The shelves are deep, but some space on the top shelf is taken up by the ice-making machine. The drawers are also deep but the overall layout of the freezer is fairly restrictive and it’s quite narrow meaning longer items such as whole racks of ribs just won’t fit in. It is, however, Frost Free, which prevents the build up of big blocks of frost and ice and means you don’t have to spend ages defrosting it.