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Samsung RR82PDRS



Samsung RR82PDRS


Key Features

  • 348 litre capacity
  • Multi-flow technology
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £750.00

Samsung RR82PDRS

The Samsung RR82PDRS is a marvel of modern design and engineering, and stores food rather well to boot.

The RR82PDRS is a large capacity freestanding fridge, with 348 litres of storage space, more than enough for a large family, fitting around two shopping trolley's worth of food with room to spare. The glass shelves are sturdy and the vegetable drawers have been made larger, to accommodate more food.

The fridge has something known as multi-flow technology, which in layman's terms means that the fridge is a consistent temperature on every shelf, which is very handy. The internal temperature can be checked and controlled from the front, on a stylish blue LED panel, saving you having to go into the fridge to change any settings. If you are going inside the fridge, everything will be easy to see, thanks to the LED tower lights, which illuminate every shelf.

Built with a very commendable A* energy efficiency rating, the Samsung RR82PDRS is friendly to the environment whilst saving you money on electricity bills. The outside of the fridge looks great, with a chic metallic finish, and a large door handle for ease of opening. What might be the killer feature, though, is the door-mounted, Brita-filtered water dispenser, allowing you to get cold, filtered water without even opening the fridge.

The only faults to be found with this fridge are that the door, with having the LED panel attached, is complicated to reverse (if you choose to open the fridge from the right rather than the left side) and it could perhaps have been built with a 0 degree cooling zone. These are two very small issues in an otherwise impeccable appliance. This fridge will look and work fantastically in any kitchen.