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Samsung PS64F8500 - Picture Quality and Conclusions

John Archer

By John Archer



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Samsung PS64F8500


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Samsung PS64F8500 - A Few Minor Flaws

Despite being a glorious home cinema TV we’d install in our own movie rooms in a heartbeat, the Samsung PS64F8500 isn’t wholly flawless. The push for extra brightness, for starters, has caused a couple of minor distractions. The worst of these is some greenish dither noise when the image is both dark and full of subtle detail – though this noise reduces considerably if you’re sat a sensible distance from the screen, and are running the panel less aggressively (as in, with reduced contrast and brightness) than Samsung’s default picture settings seem to want you to.

Samsung PS64F8500

The other issue we presume is associated with the PS64F8500’s phenomenal brightness is a minor image retention issue, whereby some very bright, richly coloured elements of the picture can leave ghostly echoes of themselves behind for a few frames after they are supposed to have disappeared. Past plasma experience would suggest, though, that this issue should fade away once you’ve used the panel for 100 hours or more.

The next issue crops up during 3D viewing. Amid all the Samsung PS64F8500’s irresistible 3D glories you can occasionally see a little crosstalk ghosting noise over contrasting objects in the mid to far distance.

The final niggle is that some dark scenes reveal some minor, sporadic brightness fluctuations, presumably caused by the TV varying its subfield driving slightly to eke out every last drop of contrast from the panel. While admirable in its intent and for most of the time laudable in its results, we’d still have liked to have at least the option to turn this gentle ‘dynamic contrast’ feature off.

Samsung PS64F8500

While we’re duty bound to report these flaws, though, our overall experience of the PS64F8500’s pictures really was overwhelmingly positive.

As, we’re pleased to report, was our experience of its audio. For while that hefty frame might not make the Samsung PS64F8500 necessarily the most fashionable TV in town, it provides a brilliantly robust home for a set of speakers capable of delivering a soundstage potent and large enough to keep even 64-inch pictures company without sounding muddy, distorted or thin even under pretty severe duress.


It’s possible – just possible - that Panasonic’s upcoming P65VT65 and P60ZT65 TVs might offer a little more all-round picture refinement than the upstart Samsung PS64F8500. But there should be no doubt that Samsung’s revolutionary work in delivering a plasma TV that combines groundbreaking brightness with truly inky black levels deserves to win the heart of many serious AV fans – especially those whose rooms tend to have a bit of ambient light to contend with.

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  • 2D Quality 10
  • 3D Quality 9
  • Design 8
  • Features 10
  • Sound Quality 9
  • Value 8


April 29, 2013, 4:39 pm

What is the power consumption? Do you need to install air-con in the room?
Sorry, probably not a AVophile question :)

Prem Desai

May 3, 2013, 5:55 pm

Are these the only questions you have about this magnificent piece?

The power consumption WILL be higher than an LCD but over a year, this will equate to just a few pounds. A small price to pay.

No, you do not need air-con and you know it.

It has long been established that plasmas are far superior than LCDs for picture quality. It is refreshing to note that Samsung now acknowledge this and are pushing the right technology forward.


May 16, 2013, 10:20 pm

336 kWh/year


July 31, 2013, 12:46 pm

Just returned my LG LA8600 for the 64 inch version of this beast. I love the magic remote - but man once you notice light bleeding - I just cant stop noticing it. Solution? Get a plasma. So I walk into the store and I saw this TV and Im thinking to myself "what a nice LED TV - but those blacks are amazing". Then I found out more about it. Its bright, clear has real blacks - Im sold. Love this TV. for the next couple of years till OLED comes out, this is a real beast for pure picture quality. PS my ones quad core, and has the updated control box on the back.
I wonder sometimes if LCDs are cheaper to manufacture than PLASMA, cause if so, my business side is telling me why Manufacturers are pushing for LCD sales - bottom line. For quality? I think Plasma is hard to beat.. especially when going for a big TV like this you probably dim the lights occasionally and watch "movie style".. so Plasma has to be the way for me.


August 17, 2013, 11:45 pm

Good set, too bad about the motion blur which makes computer games unplayable


August 29, 2014, 10:52 pm

Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma Crowned King of HDTV by VE Shootout 2014...again?

That's right the Samsung F8500 has now became the very first HDTV to win the infamous VE Shootout back to back. In 2013
it was the battle of the Plasma's, between the Panasonic VT & ZT
series which are no longer available today as they quit production at
the end of 2013. Now the F8500 has won again in 2014 with the Highest Overall Average Score despite being pitted against the latest OLED & UHD 4K panels that cost as much as $120,000.00 !

This is quite a feat considering the placement of the HDTV during the
Shootout, because it was mounted high above the current 2014 lineup of
OLED & UHD 4K sets. This poor location gave the F8500 a clear
disadvantage, because it has an Anti-Glare Louvered Filter called the Real Black Pro Filter
which blocks out Ambient Light from Above and Below to allow for better
Contrast in Bright-Room situations. Because of it's high placement on
the wall, this Louvered Panel actually made the screen appear darker to
the rest of the voting audience.

Despite the poor placement the Audience and Experts both cast their Votes for their favorite HDTV in several categories including: Black Level, Contrast Ratio, Color Accuracy, Motion Resolution (Sharpness), Day Mode and General Content (Video Quality) and the Samsung F8500 came out as the Overall Winner!

Since the Samsung F8500 had the Highest Overall Score it wasn't a tie
just a marketing stunt to keep you interested in OLED tv's like the LG
55EC9300, because PLASMA tv's are on their way out thanks to the E.U
Energy Standards in a large part, but Plasma still remains King of
Picture Quality:

Score Tally from VE SHOOTOUT 2014:

#1) Samsung F8500: 52.01

#2) LG 55EC9300: 51.54

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