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Samsung NX200 review: Sample Images - ISO Performance

Audley Jarvis

By Audley Jarvis



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Samsung NX200 ISO 160

ISO 160 is free of noise with good shadow detail

Samsung NX200 ISO 200

Likewise, ISO 200 is also noise-free with plenty of detail in the shadow areas

Samsung NX200 ISO 400

At ISO 400, the image remains sharp with only the merest hint of shadowing in the shadows

Samsung NX200 ISO 800

At ISO 800 a loss of detail in shadow areas becomes noticeable - but only when images are viewed at 100% or more

Samsung NX200 ISO 1600

At ISO 1600 this softening begins to become noticeable regardless of viewing size

Samsung NX200 ISO 3200

By ISO 3200 the effects of noise and noise-reduction have begun to take hold

Samsung NX200 ISO 6400

By ISO 6400 the image is beginning to fall apart

Samsung NX200 ISO 12800

And by the top setting of ISO 12,800 images have become a soft, fuzzy mess

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