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Samsung MW76N-B/XEU



Samsung MW76N-B/XEU


Key Features

  • 20 litre capacity
  • 800W microwave cooking power
  • Six power settings
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £90.00

Samsung MW76N-B/XEU

The compact Samsung MW76N-B/XEU microwave oven has a 20 litre (0.7 cubic feet) capacity and 800W of cooking power. Its small dimensions (48.9cm wide by 27.5cm high) make it ideal for the smaller kitchen. Furthermore, as the vents are not on the top of the unit it can fit reasonably snugly underneath shelves.

Finished in black with a steel effect handle that stands proud of the main body, the Samsung MW76N-B/XEU’s black, touch-sensitive buttons on a black background can be difficult to read; particularly in less than ideal light conditions. This together with some counter-intuitive iconography means that initially at least it’s not the easiest machine to use. It does, however, have a useful “30 seconds” feature whereby each press of the ‘Start’ button advances the timer setting by (you’ve guessed it) 30 seconds.

The machine has six power settings including rapid and auto-defrost, and a memory function: useful for oft-repeated favourites. Utilising the Korean company’s Triple Distribution System, the Samsung MW76N-B/XEU sends microwaves from three different points thus ensuring even, consistent cooking levels throughout.

The interior panels are made from epoxy resin, which makes them especially easy to clean whilst the unit also has an inbuilt deodorizer function to eliminate unpleasant cooking odours.

Relatively lightweight at a tad over 14kg, great for if you want to move it; over-energetic tugs on the handle may have the Samsung MW76N-B/XEU sliding about on your worktop. On top of this, the latching mechanism for the door is chunky and clunky although there is a child lock to keep out inquisitive little hands.