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Samsung ML-6510ND - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



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Samsung ML-6510ND


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So, can the Samsung ML-6510ND print at 62ppm as its manufacturer claims? Well, not from our results, but it’s still the fastest printer we’ve yet tested. Our five-page text test gave 20.0ppm and the longer, 20-page document increased this substantially, to 38.7ppm. The difference, as in previous tests, is that we include the time taken for the software to rasterise the document and for the printer to prepare to print, where Samsung doesn’t.

Duplex print is quick, too, with our 20-side document coming through in 45s, a speed of 26.7 sides per minute. You could certainly set this machine to duplex by default. The five-page text and graphics print gave 18.7ppm and a 15 x 10cm photo on A4 took 9s, in best quality mode.

Samsung ML-6510ND - Trays

Print quality is good, with dense, crisp black and sharp edges from the 1,200dpi print engine. Greyscale graphics are also well formed, with no signs of any banding, though some colours reproduce as very similar greys, which may make segments and bars in charts a little difficult to distinguish.

As print speeds rise, mechanical noise from the paper feed mechanism often rises too, and this machine peaked at 65dBA at half a metre, which is noisier than many lasers we test.

Samsung ML-6510ND - Cartridge

The two available cartridge types have very high yields, demonstrating the printer’s suitability in its intended use in high duty-cycle environments. Consumable prices give a cost per page of 1.6p, including 0.7p for paper, which is very low. Switching-on the toner saving mode, multi-page per sheet and duplex options with the Eco button will reduce it still further.


So what’s not to like about the ML-6510ND? Very little, as it prints extremely fast, produces good quality text and graphics, handles documents well, is very expandable and is reasonably priced against it competition. The only small criticisms are the exaggerated speed and the machine’s bulk. You’ll need a big corner of an office.

Ernest Frey

April 14, 2016, 7:54 am

I bought one of these and always had and still have problems with MAC drivers. Also the actual average print speed is lower because the printer stops mid job and re-calibrates the image density. If the toner is low, an error is generated where re-calibrating and printing stops, though the toner has not run out.

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