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Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer review




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Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer
  • Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer
  • Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer
  • Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer
  • Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer
  • Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer
  • ML-2525 Laser Printer - Monochrome - Photo Print - Desktop (24 ppm Mono - 1200 x 600 dpi - 8 MB - 250 sheets Input Capacity - USB - PC, Mac)


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Samsung has built up a good reputation for its low-cost mono laser printers and the ML-2525 expands on the main strengths of its predecessors. The size, speed and running costs should make it a good choice as an individual desktop laser, but how does it measure up to the spec sheet and feature list?

Samsung has cleverly made the ML-2525 look a lot smaller than it is. The small, squat, black box does this by having a large black lump sticking out at the back. The clever bit is that you have to go looking for the lump, as it's sufficiently narrow and shallow not to be seen from most viewing angles. It houses the power supply and interface circuitry and covers the back of the paper tray, which can take a healthy 250-sheets. There’s a single-sheet, multi-purpose slot positioned just above the tray, too.

The top surface of the machine, while basically high-gloss black plastic, has a texture of dots set into it, giving it an air of sophistication. A black, textured indent takes the pages as they feed from the top and although there's a flip-up paper stop, we didn't need to use this at all when feeding A4 paper. At the back are sockets for mains power and USB, the only data connection on this machine.

The control panel is simple but sufficient, with two indicators for error conditions, and buttons for Stop Print and power. The final control is Samsung's unique screen print button, which automatically takes whatever is on the screen, or selected portions of it, and prints them out. This is a very useful feature and one other manufacturers may well imitate before too long.

A single-piece drum and toner cartridge slots in from the front, once you've folded down the slightly flimsy front panel. Changing consumables is extremely straightforward and the work of moments. Drivers for Windows and OS X are provided on the software CD and this includes the utility for screen print, as well. Various Linux distributions are also supported, through downloadable drivers.


February 28, 2010, 5:42 am

I would love to upgrade my existing sammy mono but I have no incentive to other than it looks sexy, my old beast has been perfect in every way and when I stuffed up myself (too sad a situation to type here). Samsung helpline were the best customer service I have ever encountered. I wish tech firms started to do scrappage schemes = more trade which can only be good no?


September 28, 2010, 9:01 pm

printer was initially inexpensive to purchase, print quality is good, speed is good.

BUT, the replacement cartridge was expensive at $92 and it claimed to average 1500 sheets.

i was able to get only about 700 sheets out of it before it was empty - just a few hundred more than the cartridge that came with the machine and less than half of the claimed average.

i'm not sure if this was a lemon of a replacement cartridge but samsung support was unwilling to replace it for me as the cartridge is considred a 'consumable'.

so far this machine is more expensive to operate than the old inkjet i was using prior- at about 13 cents per sheet.

i'm considering returning this machine as it so far is not doing the job it was claimed it could do.

Jason Bolduc

November 9, 2010, 1:20 am

Samsung printers are notoriously problematic.

It prints, until it breaks - which will likely be sooner than expected.

I have had 3 Samsung printers over the past 5 years. ALL THREE had major problems and the last one I purchased The Samsung CLP-310 has LITERALLY spent more time in the repair shop than it has being functional.Customer support is the worst I have experienced.

They will find ANY POSSIBLE REASON not to have your printer repaired. You will spend hours on the phone with people who barely speak English as they ask you to print out the printer report after you tell them your printer doesn't print! You get the idea.

Stay away from these printers if you value your own time and wish to not spend hours on customer service lines.

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