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Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser review




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Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser
  • Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser
  • Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser
  • Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser
  • Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser
  • Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser
  • ML-1915 Laser Printer - Monochrome - Photo Print - Desktop (19 ppm Mono - 1200 x 600 dpi - 8 MB - 250 sheets Input Capacity - USB - PC, Mac)


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The personal mono laser printer continues to be a great choice for simple, high quality black print. It's ideal for small and home-office correspondence and Samsung's latest entry-level machine, the ML-1915, claims a high print speed and an interesting extra button.

The ML-1915 looks remarkably neat and almost smaller than the sheets of A4 it prints on. Turn the printer around, though, and you can see how Samsung has achieved this. There's a bulge at the back covering the end of the paper tray, but narrow enough so as not to be visible from the front.

The simple control panel has two LED indicators and three buttons, two of which are for power and job cancel. The third button is for screen print which, as far we know, is unique to this printer. Press the button and it prints whatever's currently on the screen of the machine it's connected to, scaled to fit on the paper.

At the bottom of the front panel is a 250-sheet paper tray, with a single-sheet multi-purpose slot above. The only data connection is the USB socket at the back.

Samsung uses a combined drum and toner cartridge and this slides into the machine very easily, once you've pulled down the front panel to access the loading slot. Drivers are provided for Windows and OS X and are also available for various flavours of Linux.

The print screen button, which can be used to print the whole screen or just the active window, depending on how long you press it, is very handy, but we still feel it's slightly odd to build it into the printer, rather than assigning a function key. Aren't you more likely to be at your keyboard than at your printer when you want to print a web page?

The software does have a useful extension, though, in the form of a downloadable applet called AnyWeb. This provides an on-screen scrapbook, where you can drag and drop any area of a screen you mark up. These snippets can then be rearranged on one or more ‘scrapbook' pages, before printing them, or saving them as TIF or PDF files.

This is a really quick and easy approach and if your work involves research on the Web, it can be a big timesaver. Currently, it only appears to work with Internet Explorer and doesn't integrate with Firefox.

Tony Walker

October 20, 2009, 6:18 pm

What capacity toner cartridge is supplied with the printer?

How much are the replacement cartridges?


November 23, 2009, 1:41 pm

Can you tell me how the manual duplex works? Is it a case of the printer prints all odd (or even) pages first then you then put them all back in the fed tray to print even pages. Or will the duplex require you to manual change every second sheet, i.e. print page one and then you have to refeed it in to do page 2 and so on


September 12, 2010, 10:58 am

I bought one of these the other day thanks in part to this review, am very happy with it. I have it hanging off of my NAS so it works well as a network printer.

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