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Samsung ME89F-1SS



Samsung ME89F-1SS


Key Features

  • 23 litre capacity
  • Built-in deodoriser
  • Triple Distribution System
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £99.00

Samsung ME89F-1SS

An 800W microwave-only unit from Samsung, the Samsung ME89F-1SS is a very smart looking microwave with its stainless-steel trim, and despite its fairly compact dimensions (H21.1 x W33 x D32.4cms) it delivers a useful 23 litre (0.81 cubic foot) capacity, which can easily accommodate a full-sized dinner plate. The cavity walls are ceramic and commendably easy to clean and it has a built-in deodoriser function so no nasty whiffs.

The machine uses Samsung’s Triple Distribution System which means that the microwaves are emitted from three discrete locations. In practice this delivers swift, deep-penetrating cooking with no cold spots and even heat distribution. Defrosting, using the rapid defrost function is especially impressive. The machine has six power levels and various one-touch cooking programs which utilise the inbuilt weight sensor. There is also a ‘steamer’ function for which a specialised steamer bowl is provided and which delivers excellent results.

After the inevitable acclimatisation period the controls of the Samsung ME89F-1SS are generally easy to understand and are backed up with a remarkably concise and legible instruction manual. Using the aforementioned one-touch programs is as easy as it sounds although time setting uses oddly small increments, so multiple button pushes are the order of the day.

Not quite the perfect device, the door mechanism of the Samsung ME89F-1SS is a bit over-sturdy; a common issue with pull-handled doors and this is compounded by the hard plastic feet, which means that you occasionally find the oven skittering towards you when you open the door. Softer, more rubbery feet would this issue; in the meantime a non-slip mat might be needed.

This is a good all-round microwave with some clever features, reasonable ease of operation and a very welcome larger than average cooking capacity.