Samsung HT-F6500: Setup and Operation

By Danny Phillips



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Samsung HT-F6500


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Samsung HT-F6500 – Setup

Unlike the sprawling, complicated Samsung HT-F9750W, unpacking and installing the Samsung F6500 is a quick and easy process. Whip out the little speakers and plonk them on the TV stand and shelves, rig up the colour-coded cables and hook up the main unit to your TV via HDMI.

Samsung HT-F6500

There’s no automatic calibration here, but that’s not a problem given how easy it is to carry out. Within the setup menu is a choice of Normal Mode – where the surround speakers are placed at the back of the room – or Simple Mode, where all the speakers can be placed at the front of the room, with virtual surround filling in the gaps.

The speaker settings menu allows you to set levels and distances for each channel, plus there’s a dedicated subwoofer level menu accessed by pressing the ‘S/W Level’ button on the remote. You can also access a basic selection of picture adjustments by hitting the ‘Tools’ button during playback. There are Standard, Dynamic and Cinema presets, plus a User setting offering manual sharpness, noise reduction, contrast, brightness, colour and tint levels.

Samsung HT-F6500

Samsung HT-F6500 – Operation

Samsung’s onscreen menus look fantastic – stripped-down and simple but utterly stylish. The huge, brightly-coloured tiles on the Smart Hub home menu contain crisp HD icons, and break your options down into three sections – Films and TV Shows, Apps and Photos, Videos and Music. There’s no room for ambiguity with those titles.

The Films and TV Shows menu (renamed from 'Movies and TV Shows' on earlier systems, for some reason) illustrates content with large poster art, leading you to the relevant provider using a series of logical menus. The Apps menu is a basic grid of icons, with recommended apps along the top. Select ‘More Apps’ at the bottom and you can organise your content, while new content can be downloaded from the ‘Samsung Apps’ store.

All of the other screens, from DLNA/USB media playback to the straightforward setup menu, are designed with maximum user-friendliness, making this system an absolute joy to use.

That feeling is compounded by the system’s excellent remote, which crams in a lot of buttons without feeling overly cluttered. That’s because they’re nicely separated into sections (the playback keys glow in the dark, for example) and each one is clearly labelled.

We also love the HT-F6500’s fast operation – it skips from menu to menu instantly and loads up complex apps in no time. We didn’t encounter any problems downloading apps or streaming video from services like 4OD, plus it’s one of the fastest Blu-ray disc loaders we’ve encountered.

Michael Trottar

November 9, 2013, 6:08 am

That seems very awesome quality and also the combination brand name make it more special. Samsung is the leading name in such products & sound system sales.


December 5, 2013, 7:43 pm

Quite disgracefully, Samsung don't tell you, in their product literature, that the dome speakers are free standing and have no fitments suitable for wall mounting. I would have bought a different model had I known that in advance. My front left speaker had a rattle in it when took delivery and I managed to shake a 15mm long piece of broken plastic out of an open well in the rear and, having sent a photo of it to Samsung UK, I'm currently trying to find out whether it is from inside my speaker or a foreign object that fell in during assembly / manufacture. Despite having emailed the on-line supplier ( Alternate gmbh ) several times, they haven't replied and I certainly won't be using them again.


February 10, 2014, 10:12 am

Hi Richard, if you go online to the plasma centre and look for BT 77 B Tech clamping wall mounts they will hold the dome speaker ok, you will have to put an extra piece of rubber or foam on the clamps just to hold them securely they are around £29 for a pair i have a pair and they work perfectly well with the extra packing.

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