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Samsung HT-F6500 review




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Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500
  • Samsung HT-F6500


Our Score:



  • Outstanding features for the money
  • Stylish design and robust speakers
  • Powerful, exciting sound quality


  • Misses the top layer of detail
  • Could be a little more composed at times

Key Features

  • 3D Blu-ray playback
  • 1000W power output
  • Built-in WI-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Valve amplifier and CPID drivers
  • DLNA media streaming and internet apps
  • DTS Neo:Fusion
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: £399.99

What is the Samsung HT-F6500?

It’s a one-box Blu-ray home cinema system that incorporates many of the innovative features of the flagship Samsung HT-F9750W, but with two big differences – firstly, it replaces the imposing towers with stylish compact speakers, and secondly it’s yours for a much, much lower price of just £400 rather than £1,500. It's a promising combination.

Samsung HT-F6500 – Design

As is often the case with Samsung’s home cinema gear, the Samsung HT-F6500 is a handsome-looking system. Predominantly clad in an alluring gloss black finish, all of the components are sleek and swanky, guaranteed to add a splash of glamour to even the most depressingly decorated living space.

Samsung HT-F6500

The shapely front and rear speakers boast gloriously curvy cabinets, fatter at the bottom than the top and blessed with a big round back end. They’re gorgeous, and with each one measuring just 175mm high you’ll have no trouble organising them around existing furniture.

We’re also impressed by the heavy, robust build quality, which is far superior to many one-box system speakers. They’re fitted with a large silver midrange driver and dome tweeter above it.

The centre speaker continues this theme with its similarly curvy and compact gloss-black cabinet, but it’s horizontally shaped for convenient placement under your TV and sports two smaller silver midrange drivers either side of the tweeter.

Compared with the egg-like satellites, the subwoofer’s boxy MDF enclosure is a bit of a let down, but its black finish is tasteful and its compact dimensions make it easy to accommodate.

The slim main unit feels a little plasticky but looks stunning. What catches the eye is the curved right-hand corner, a common theme across Samsung’s current Blu-ray range.

It follows the curve of a porthole on top that shows off the red-glowing valve amplifier that powers the system. This lovely feature is joined by touch-sensitive controls on the front edge and a USB port hidden behind a flap.

Samsung HT-F6500

Samsung HT-F6500 – Connections

On the back is a generous array of sockets, headlined by two HDMI inputs that allow you to play other HD sources through the system. You also get HDMI output that supports 3D and ARC, optical digital and analogue stereo inputs, an FM aerial port and Ethernet. There’s also wireless connectivity thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Michael Trottar

November 9, 2013, 6:08 am

That seems very awesome quality and also the combination brand name make it more special. Samsung is the leading name in such products & sound system sales.


December 5, 2013, 7:43 pm

Quite disgracefully, Samsung don't tell you, in their product literature, that the dome speakers are free standing and have no fitments suitable for wall mounting. I would have bought a different model had I known that in advance. My front left speaker had a rattle in it when took delivery and I managed to shake a 15mm long piece of broken plastic out of an open well in the rear and, having sent a photo of it to Samsung UK, I'm currently trying to find out whether it is from inside my speaker or a foreign object that fell in during assembly / manufacture. Despite having emailed the on-line supplier ( Alternate gmbh ) several times, they haven't replied and I certainly won't be using them again.


February 10, 2014, 10:12 am

Hi Richard, if you go online to the plasma centre and look for BT 77 B Tech clamping wall mounts they will hold the dome speaker ok, you will have to put an extra piece of rubber or foam on the clamps just to hold them securely they are around £29 for a pair i have a pair and they work perfectly well with the extra packing.

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