Samsung HT-BD8200 Blu-ray Soundbar specs

By Danny Phillips


Quick Glance
Power 300 W (RMS)
Power 300 W (RMS)
Number of Speakers 2.1


December 1, 2009, 3:52 pm

Does anyone still buy sound-bars?

In the era of abundant, highly skilled and good value polish labour, it really doesn't cost that much to have speaker cabling chased into the wall with speaker wall plates mounted in all corners of the room.

Sounds better, looks better and if you put in decent enough cable to start with it will last a lifetime....


August 6, 2010, 5:31 am

Great clean mounting system. zero speaker clutter. zero wire clutter.

the good.

great sound

great bass

its okay for not having competition.

The bad.

cant control bass levels with controler (only in painfully slow setup menu)

blue ray is really slow to load and get to menu

internet connectivity is a waste (only Youtube is offered, nothing else)

(not everyone lives in the US.)

poor/nonexistant normalization of loud and soft channels.

slow remote response time.

otherwise for not having any real alternatives (its wife friendly).......

its a nice compliment to a 60""lcd

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