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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is an ambitious blend of digital camera and mobile device that, for now at least, occupies a unique position within the digital camera market. As a camera, it’s fairly well featured with a far-reaching zoom lens and a decent – if not spectacular – backside-illuminated CMOS sensor. The large, pin-sharp 3.8in touchscreen display is highly responsive and makes using the camera easy and intuitive, while the external design is clean and futuristic. So far, so good. However, not quite everything is perfect and there are a number of niggling issues that prevent the Samsung Galaxy Camera from winning a ‘TR Recommended’ badge. While poor battery life is a fairly common problem for devices of this type and can be controlled to a certain extent by either switching off certain features or carrying a spare battery, some of the image quality flaws are less forgivable – especially the inconsistent white balance metering. Even so, Samsung should be applauded for leading the way with such a unique device – 2013 is almost certainly going to see a slew of similar camera-mobile devices arriving in photography stores.

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