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Russell Hobbs 18140



Russell Hobbs 18140


Key Features

  • Four slice toaster
  • Defrost function
  • High lift function
  • Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs
  • Review Price: £35.00

Russell Hobbs 18140

The Russell Hobbs 18140 is a very modern looking toaster with its shiny and silver exterior combining with sleek curvy lines to give it a striking and hi-tech look that is certain to fit right in within any modern, stylish kitchen. The chrome finish looks lovely, but it also makes the Russell Hobbs 18140 really easy to clean.

With four slots, you can cook four slices of bread at once in the Russell Hobbs 18140, a device that boasts a metal housing. It has all the standard functions you’d expect of a modern toaster, such as a crumb tray to make cleaning easier, a defrost function to quickly defrost any frozen bread and a cancel function so you can stop the Russell Hobbs 18140 from cooking the bread if you suddenly smell burning.

On top of this there’s also a high lift function, which makes getting toast out of the toaster much easier once it’s cooked, and variable width slots so you can fit lots of different thicknesses of bread in the toaster. The high lift function isn’t quite good enough to get things like crumpets and bagels out, however, which is a bit rubbish.

Although the slots are wide they’re not particularly tall, so for the taller slices of bread a little bit will stick out the top of the element. It also takes quite a while to get the bread toasted — you won’t be able to make a speedy snack with the Russell Hobbs 18140. It’s also quite a big model, so wouldn’t be suitable for small kitchens where space was an issue.

All in all though, the Russell Hobbs 18140 is a pretty good model. It might not be fancy and there are a few niggles, but in terms of toasting quality it’s absolutely fine. It’s easy to use, looks nice and creates tasty, well toasted toast.