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Russell Hobbs 17902



Russell Hobbs 17902


Key Features

  • Vertical steam functions
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • 300ml water tank capacity
  • Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs
  • Review Price: £19.00

Russell Hobbs 17902

The Russell Hobbs 17902 is an inexpensive yet practical iron with a great array of features.

The Russell Hobbs 17902 has a large soleplate, which can be great for getting larger items ironed quickly, although the iron's front tip is narrow enough to accurately press out creases in small items as well. The iron plate will heat up quickly, and will be hot enough to eliminate creases at speed, without much need for second strokes. The steam function of the 17902 is not massively powerful, but it is variable, and the continuous steam output will do the trick on most fabrics. The steam shot is underpowered compared to some irons, but is certainly powerful enough for average household garments. The steam shot can be used vertically, meaning you can easily steam curtains on the rail and hanging clothes, which is very handy.

At 300ml, the water tank in the 17902 is not particularly generous, but the iron is fairly heavy without water, so making the capacity any bigger would have been a mistake. The tank has a self-cleaning function to prevent limescale build up from hard water, so water does not have to be distilled before being put into the tank. This iron is fitted with a drip stop, to prevent water falling out in puddles on your clothes, when the steam setting is low, and a comfortable grip handle for ease of use.

As previously stated, the amount of water this iron can hold is a little small, and the iron could have a stronger steam setting, but for an entry-level appliance, this is a great purchase which is very easy to use.