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Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah



Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah


Key Features

  • 1.6 litre capacity
  • 3000W of power
  • 360 degree base
  • Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs
  • Review Price: £30.00

Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah

Times were when a kettle would just boil water and that was all that was required of it. Nowadays however there are a wide range of bells and whistles that manufacturers are sticking on their kettles to make them more appealing, and we’ve come to expect plenty of fancy add-ons when shopping for one. The Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah is no exception to this trend, and it’s as modern and feature-filled as you could hope for.

A jug kettle with a capacity of 1.6 litres, the Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah is nice and big, so you should be fine whether you’re just making hot drinks or if you want to pour boiling water onto vegetable peelings to make stock. What’s more, there’s also 3000 watts of power to get all that water boiling — not as much power as in some kettles, though, which is why the Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah takes a while to boil, but enough to make it quite noisy.

A lovely looking device with a stainless steel body polished until it gleams and a water level window that looks nice whilst serving a purpose, the Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah adds a lovely illuminated water gauge ring that further enhances the unit’s aesthetic when it boils.

The base is 360 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about getting it to fit in the precise spot — just bung it on and it’ll work and the filter is washable and removable, with an easy to open lid allowing you to get at the kettle and refill it.

Be careful if using the Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah with children as the surface does become very hot when water is boiled. Apart from that it’s absolutely fine and a good kettle to buy.