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Runco LS-1 - Features and Performance

John Archer

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Runco LS-1


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Among the features contained within these menus should you care to hunt them down are two user-definable and one ISF Day/ISF Night configuration picture preset memory slots; a selection of colour temperature presets (of which you’ll probably want to stick with 6500K); manual adjustment of the DLP refresh rate to 48, 50, or 60Hz (or there’s an auto setting); an optional adaptive contrast system (which works as a sort of dynamic contrast system to give images greater dynamism at the expense of some colour accuracy); a selection of colour gamut standards; multiple gamma settings; RGB adjustments; and Runco’s ConstantContrast system (which is actually a proprietary dynamic iris engine).

The projector also carries a ViVix processing system (like models higher up the LS range), Runco’s renowned SuperOnyx contrast-boosting technology, and a 230W lamp which Runco recommends as being able to comfortably drive 63in-85in screens.

Runco LS-1

Firing the LS-1 up produces an instant - if slight - concern, in the form of quite noticeable running noise. No dB figures for this are included on the LS-1’s spec sheet, but it’s certainly noticeable during quiet scenes if the projector is anywhere near your seating position. What’s more, there doesn’t appear to be any way of reducing the running noise by, say, ramping down the lamp output.

The good news is that the LS-1’s noise is very consistent, which makes it easier to ‘tune out’ than projectors with whiny colour wheels, creaky iris adjustments or ever-shifting fan

Helping you get over the LS-1‘s fan noise however, is the truly exceptional quality of its pictures. There are so many good points about them, in fact, that it’s hard to know where to start.

The projector’s contrast range is really exemplary, for instance, combining punchy whites and colours with deep, rich dark areas as if such a dynamic range is the easiest

thing in the world to produce.

runco LightStyle LS-1

Next, colours are simply superb, with sumptuously rich but also terrifically nuanced and utterly natural tones on show across every part of the colour spectrum. There’s a lovely balance to colours too, with no shade looking dominant over others. The projector’s colour range appears outstandingly wide too, adding up to a colour performance that wouldn’t look out of place on a projector costing thousands of pounds more.

The LS-1’s pictures are also exceptionally sharp and detailed, with the absence of dot noise and stressy edges proving that this sharpness isn’t forced; it’s just a natural result of the projector’s quality DLP system and optics.


November 24, 2011, 8:08 pm

is that price confirmed.it seems to have a high street price of $4000 in us,so maybe as little as $3500 on amazon,do they expect uk to pay double the amount?

Barry at Pulse

February 17, 2012, 6:14 pm

As I am sure you are aware, buying a US made product in the US is always cheaper than buying the same product elsewhere in the world, in just the same way that buying a UK made product in the US is more expensive than the same product in the UK.

Look at the Chevrolet Camaro that retails at $33k in the US but £35k in the UK for the same spec car.

Unfortunately, it is not quite as simple as comparing the US $ price to the UK £ price for any given product. You also need to take into account any local taxes that vary from state to state on products. You then need to look at shipping from the US with sufficient insurance cover should the product be damaged or lost in transit. Then you need to pay import duty once the product arrives in the UK and remember that your warranty is supplied via the dealer that you purchased it from so if you did need any support you would need to arrange to send the unit back to them etc.

The LS-1 purchased in the UK is supported by a local dealer network, with a 2 year UK warranty and is inclusive of VAT currently charged at 20%. Your Runco dealer will also have full access to the ISF menu's for detail calibration and will be able to advise you on recommended screen size, material, gain etc for your room.

The LS-1 delivers superb performance and value for money, I am sure you would be delighted with one.

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