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  1. Best cheap mobile phones 2014: 5 best cheap smartphones

    Cheap contract or pay as you go, these are five of the best affordable phones

    3 Mar 2014

    Mobile Phone Round-ups

  2. Best projector

    Best Projector 2014: 6 Best Projectors You Can Buy

    Swap your TV for one of these top-notch projectors

    20 Feb 2014

    Projector Round-ups

  3. Best surround sound systems

    Best Surround Sound Systems 2014

    Updated: We look at the best surround sound systems on the market right now for every budget

    14 Feb 2014

    Surround Sound System Round-ups

  4. Best Soundbars 2014

    UPDATED: Had enough of the tinny TV sound? Here's the best soundbars to own.

    4 Feb 2014

    Surround Sound System Round-ups

  5. Underground logo

    London Tube Strike 2014: Apps to help you get around town

    We look at the cab, bus and bike apps to download during the London Tube strikes.

    4 Feb 2014

    Mobile App Round-ups

  6. Best Windows 8 Laptops, Tablets, Convertibles and PCs

    Windows 8 devices have launched in every shape and form. We round up the best.

    3 Feb 2014

    Laptop Round-ups

  7. Best headphones for running 2014 - Which sports headphones to buy?

    We put the top of the range running headphones to the test.

    1 Feb 2014

    Headphones Round-ups

  8. Moto G cases

    Best Moto G cases to buy 2014

    We look at the best cases and covers for the bargain-tastic Motorola Moto G.

    1 Feb 2014

    Mobile Phone Accessory Round-ups

  9. PS Vita

    Best PS Vita games to buy 2014

    10 of the best games that every Vita owners needs in their life

    28 Jan 2014

    Games Round-ups

  10. Best Nintendo 3DS games

    Best Nintendo 3DS games to own 2014

    Nintendo's handheld is still going strong, and here's six reasons why

    25 Jan 2014

    Games Round-ups