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By Riyad Emeran



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OK, so that's the Connected bit of this particular Road Angel covered, but what else does it have to offer? Quite a lot actually. The unit itself is shaped like an old CRT widescreen TV - the front fascia is obviously flat, while the rear projects back a way, but in a rounded casing. It's not a massive device, but it's not tiny either with dimensions of 105 x 55 x 55 (WxDxH). The actual screen takes up the central portion of the fascia and measures about 2.5in diagonally. There is a single button located on the top of the devices, this will power the unit on/off when held for two seconds, or mute alerts when pressed quickly. There are no other buttons necessary, since the Road Angel Professional Connected is controlled entirely via the supplied remote control.

At the rear of the unit are three connectors, one of which is a mini-USB port - this can be used for both connecting the Road Angel to your PC via the supplied cable, or charging it using the bundled adapter. It's great to see a mini-USB connector being used, since most PC users will have cables knocking about, or even other power supplies, which means that the device can be charged in multiple locations without needing to buy extra accessories. Flanking the mini-USB port are an Aux port for hooking up an external laser detector, and a socket for connecting an external antenna.

When you power the Road Angel on, you're met with the satellite acquisition screen. Depending on your environment, it can take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes for enough satellite locks to be acquired. Once that happens, the device switches to its main screen, which displays current speed and heading in the very centre. To the right of the digital compass is a battery indicator, while to the left are indicators for GPS and GSM/GPRS signal strength.

When the Road Angel alerts you to a camera or black spot, the colour of the display changes (red if you're travelling above the speed limit, green if not), and you're also shown an image of the type of danger ahead - whether that be a fixed speed camera, camera van or accident black spot. You can specify how far ahead the Road Angel should be alerting you of hazards, choosing between 250, 500 and 1,000 metres - my preference is 500m, which gives you plenty of time to react, without the alerts lasting so long that they become annoying. Another useful setting will double the alert distance if you're travelling at over 50mph - when you're travelling fast, those distances get eaten up all the quicker, so a bit of extra time to react is welcome.

Hamish Campbell

September 6, 2008, 12:38 pm

errr... you mean if you're a driver who regularly breaks the law, and wishes to keep you license, then you should get one of these.


September 7, 2008, 4:45 pm


"If you're a keen driver and wish to keep your license, don't speed in the first place!


September 9, 2008, 5:21 am

Personally I believe in driving safely, and I don't feel that instituting speed cameras as a means of revenue generation is promoting safer driving.

I have never had a single point on my license or a speeding fine, and I was driving long before the introduction of speed cameras or detectors. However, as I wrote in my review, a friend's wife picked up three points and a fine for straying, literally a few mph over the limit while driving her daughter home from school, and she is in no way a speed demon, or menace to other motorists.

The point is, so called "safety cameras" are not there to create a safer environment, they are placed at locations that will generate the most revenue. Try driving around North Wales, where the roads can be very treacherous, especially if speeding and you won't find a camera anywhere in sight. But find a wide, flat, straight, multi-lane dual carriageway and they'll be everywhere.

I live in a small village where myself and the other residents have actually requested the installation of speed cameras, since drivers speed past schools and nurseries and through the village centre, but to no avail. So in a residential village, where children are playing in parks and on greens there are no cameras, but a few miles away on a motorway, there are dozens.

Add to that the fact that many cameras are positioned exactly at the point where the speed limit changes, and are often obscured or hidden (despite legislation saying that this should not be the case) and it's obvious that money making is the key here.

Interestingly, Swindon council recently decided to cease support of speed cameras, since it felt that they did not reduce accidents and instead just generated revenue for central government.

It's very easy to say that anyone who strays above a speed limit is breaking the law and should be prosecuted, but then being drunk and disorderly is also breaking the law, but you don't see the police locking up everyone who rolls out of a pub on a Saturday night. The difference being that motorists are easier targets, and with a camera triggering an automatic fine and points, the police don't have to lift a finger. Arresting and prosucuting people for drunkedness, vandalism and anti-social behavior on the other hand, involves actually doing something, which is why most Friday and Saturday nights, the last place you want to be is in a town centre.


September 15, 2008, 3:20 pm

I have had mine a couple of weeks. This is an excellent device and works exactly as described on the Road Angel site. It's very useful to see what speed you're doing. My own sports car overstates speed by around 10% but the speedometer in my wife's runabout is pretty accurate. Not cheap and doesn't do satnav, but I don't need or want that anyway. The automatic updates through the SIM card work fine so it's not neccesary to carry it indoors and connect it to a PC for updates.

steven 3

September 16, 2008, 4:05 pm

Its not about whether its right to speed or not. Either through guilt or innocence once you have 6 or 9 points on your licence you are not intentionally speeding though fear of loosing your licence and job....and this device is excellent and helping to remind you to check you speed regularly and at dangerous road junctions or straights where cameras have been installed.

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