VoiceJam iPhone App


Key Features

  • Review Price: £2.99

VoiceJam is an audio looper that is designed to allow you to create your own music tracks by layering loops on top of each other. Although the app’s name suggests this is for vocalist only, you can use it to loop any type of sound or rhythm. So, for example, you could great a beatbox-style rhythm, then overlay it with a guitar riff, before adding a vocal line over the top.


The controls are pretty straight forward and there’s a built in tutorial to help you get started. And once you’ve finished your glorious creation you can upload it to the SoundCloud to see whether other people like it too. The latest version also supports in-app purchasing of additional audio effects.


VoiceJam’s easy-to-use interface and clever looping techniques means it’s a great, fun app to use for music-making.