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The camera shoots at just 3.2-megapixels, and its images aren’t really of printable quality, but you’d get by if all you want to do is email to friends, blog or otherwise share at a low resolution.

Indoors, the absence of a flash is a real problem in low light conditions, but then flashes are only good for close subjects anyway. The coloured dish, photographed under ordinary household lighting, is a bit dull, and the white background is transformed into pinky-bluey hues. Outside, the chair is quite sharp, but the big surprise came with close-ups. The yellow flower of the broom shrub is all of 2.5cm across, and although the photo is a little blurred, I was very close in and I reckon there is some good experimenting to be done at this level.

However, forget photographing anything that moves. The shutter lag is diabolical. Oh, and one other thing. When using the right side-mounted camera key to shoot, I found myself accidentally tapping the volume rocker that sits opposite it on the left edge of the phone. As this doubles as a zoomer this was very, very irritating. An obvious design fault.

Additional software includes an alarm clock with six alarms, calculator, calendar, task manager, memo, unit converter, currency converter, voice recorder, stopwatch and timer. Google Maps is pre-installed, and you can connect to Vodafone’s Mobile TV service.


I don’t dislike the Vodafone 830. It is not going to set anybody’s world alight, but its long battery life is a real plus point both for music fans and those who want to go for a couple of days between charges.

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