Vivitek D795WT - PC and gaming picture quality



Pictures in movie mode still look punchy and bright despite the effort put into emphasising contrast, and noise levels aren’t bad at all. There’s a little fizziness, but nothing you wouldn’t expect to see on any affordable DLP projector, and DLP’s rainbow effect only crops up on very rare occasions – basically where there’s a small, very bright object appearing against a black backdrop. In other words, neither issue is remotely serious.

Other strengths include some clean, natural motion reproduction, and a cannier touch with shadow detail reproduction than expected.

Switching to the D795WT’s game mode pushes colour saturations higher and makes the tone cooler, as you’d expect. What’s more, the projector’s short-throw design proves particularly handy when playing a Nintendo Wii, for it means you can leap about like nutters in front of the screen without having to worry about a) getting in the way of the projector beam or b) knocking a normally positioned projector over!
Vivitek D795WT
Selecting the Presentation mode, meanwhile, as noted before, does wonders for the appearance of PC presentations by shifting the colour tone, slightly improving sharpness, and sacrificing black level in favour of boosting brightness considerably.

The D795WT’s short-throw technology does cause a few problems, though – problems which tend to be emphasised when in PC mode. For starters, while most of the image looks unexpectedly crisp and sharp, the edges look slightly softer. There’s also a little horizontal line structure in the picture if you’re watching up close, but this reduces to the point of being pretty insignificant from what we’d consider a typical viewing distance.

Finally, there’s a very slight brightness ‘hotspot’ around a foot or so wide in the centre of the bottom edge caused, so it seems, by some light from the mirror reflecting onto the projector’s glossy white bodywork. This might mean Vivitek would be better using a black or at least matt finish on future short-throw products.

Finishing up with a brief word on the D795WT’s sound, it’s predictably hardly the stuff of home cinema dreams. But on the other hand it is louder, cleaner and less distorted than that heard from most projectors, and is actually entirely acceptable as an accompaniment to a casual gaming/movie session or an office presentation.

It’s not often that ultra-convenient technology manages to go hand in hand with good performance standards, but Vivitek’s D795WT is a rare exception. Its slight sharpness uniformity issues and potential for slightly curved or sloped image edges will doubtless be a compromise too far for serious film or gaming fans, but for a product designed first and foremost to fulfill a practical requirement, the D795WT’s performance is actually much better than expected.

Score in detail

  • Value 8
  • Features 7
  • Image Quality 8
  • Design 6


Native Aspect Ratio 16:10
Projector Type DLP ultra short throw
Brightness (Lumen) 3000lm
Contrast Ratio 2500:1
Full HD 1080p No
3D Ready Yes
Max Diagonal Image Size (Inch) 93in
Min Projection Distance (Foot) 1.3feet
Max Projection Distance (Foot) 1.5feet
Lamp Type UHP
Lamp power (Watt) 290W

A/V Ports

Composite 1
S-Video 1
Charging/Computer Connection 1
Ethernet 1

Physical Specifications

Height (Millimeter) 220mm
Width (Millimeter) 350mm
Depth (Millimeter) 410mm
Weight (Gram) 9g

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