Verbatim Gigabit NAS External Hard Drive 1TB - Verbatim Gigabit NAS



The provision of two USB ports means you can attach a printer, without sacrificing the ability to attach an external storage device. Apple’s Bonjour protocol is present, should you need to share a printer with Macs on a network. Also on board is an iTunes server, and if you’re not shackled to Apple’s audio playback programme, uPnP serving of all your media will cover your streaming needs.

An FTP server might prove useful for remote access – there’s no web interface for file browsing so this is your only option. Likely of more interest to most users will be TorrentFlux, pre-installed on the Verbatim Gigabit NAS. This is a BitTorrent client, offering scheduling, RSS support and even user-based logon access (for all the use that is) through its comprehensive web interface.

The administration interface isn’t the most colourful I’ve ever seen, but its functionality can’t be faulted. The menus are logically laid out with quick access to all the functions you’re likely to need, such as adding new users and allocating them storage space.

This is all well and good. The problems arise when transferring files to and from the NAS device. On our network, at least, it was impossible to get Windows read and write speeds of better than 10.8MB/s and 8.6MB/s respectively, with FTP barely improving that to 11.8MB/s read and 9.4MB/s write.

If you aren’t planning to regularly transfer large files, or perform backups that need to complete quickly, you likely won’t notice those transfer speeds, so they might not be an issue. However, when everything else works so well, it’s a shame that the Verbatim Gigabit NAS falls down at this hurdle, especially given its name – sub-gigabit speeds from a Gigabit NAS are less than ideal, to say the least.


Slower than hoped for transfer speeds aside, the Verbatim Gigabit NAS is a simple, functional NAS device. However, despite a reasonable price for a 1TB NAS, it fails to deliver on the promise of fast transfer speeds as its name implies.

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