Ultra Violet Genesis XOC - Ultra Violet Genesis XOC


Our system certainly made a grand entrance all packaged up in its ginormous flight case (this isn’t included in the price but for the review samples they use the flight case). If you’re someone that likes to make an impression, having one of these arrive at your door is certainly the right way to go about it. That said, having everyone in your street see you struggle to even get the thing through the front door may soon bring you back down to earth.

As you would expect for a £899 flight case, it is built to last with heavy duty locks, casters, handles and protective edges all made from Stainless Steel. There are also locks on the bottom so the case can be lifted off from round the PC, which means you don’t have to give yourself a hernia trying to lift the PC out of the deep box. Everything is well secured inside with large sheets and blocks of foam holding all the parts firmly in place and there’s even a slot for holding a monitor, if you decide to have one. A large plastic box houses all the extras like peripherals, manuals, and driver discs so you shouldn’t have any excuses for losing them.

Removing the Genesis XOC from its steel and plywood sarcophagus the superlatives continue to gush forth as you’re greeted by a PC that’s not only packed to the gunnels with highly expensive components but is also finished in a beautiful paint job.

Between six and eight layers of paint are used to create the super smooth finish and, if our example is anything to go by, the results are truly spectacular. We did find a few minor problems, like the little door on the front is a bit stiff because of a build up of paint round it, but overall the finish was pretty flawless and was as tough as normal car paint. Of course it’s a fingerprint magnet but if you’re silly enough to let anyone put their grubby hands anywhere near one of these machines you probably deserve to spend your time constantly polishing it. There are just four colour options, which are codenamed, Agent Black, Bruised Pink, Roswell Pearl, and Blood Red. While this does seem a bit restrictive all the colours have been chosen to contrast nicely with UVs company colours and, well, purple doesn’t go with many other colours.

A large Perspex window is used to great effect, showing off the intricate glowing piping and wiring that cools and powers this beast. But, like a true temptress, the Genesis hides its greatest gems behind a thin veil, which in this case is a great big UV logo in the middle of the window. Personally, I like the way it breaks up the monotony of a great expanse of window but if you’d prefer to see the full monty, so to speak, uninterrupted, you can opt to have the window without the logo.