Ultra Violet Genesis XOC


Key Features

  • Review Price: £4533.93

It’s not a question many of us will ever get the chance to ask ourselves but for those few lucky enough to have several thousand pounds going spare, the conundrum of which ultra high-end PC to buy has just become a lot more difficult. If you’d asked me a few weeks ago who to go for, my answer would’ve been quick and simple, try a Vadim. However, a new company has just come to my attention and it looks set to make things a bit more interesting.

Ultra Violet Machines is the latest company to emerge in the notoriously difficult luxury gaming PC market, with its own brand of super fast, overclocked, and water cooled systems. Owned by the people behind Streemap.co.uk, of all things, the company launched to great fanfare at this year’s i31, the largest LAN gaming event in the UK, where it was exhibiting a variety of its oh-so extravagant wares. And, seeing it was creating something quite impressive, we just had to get one of its machines in for a once over.

Being as the company is a brand new start up its range of products is limited to using just one chassis at the moment, which is the Silverstone TJ-07 tower case. It’s a great chassis that we’d recommend to any budding gamer/enthusiast and, as testament to its prowess, it’s also one of the choice cases in Vadim’s range of PCs.

The range is split into three basic models, the Genesis, Genesis X, and Genesis XOC. Starting with the Genesis, you get an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU (running at 3GHz), a single air cooled nVidia 8800 GTX, 2GB OCZ Reaper RAM, a 500GB hard drive, onboard sound, and a basic Microsoft keyboard and mouse, all of which will set you back £2,287.43 (mustn’t forget those extra pennies). The next in line is the Genesis X, which adds a second 8800 GTX (both of which are now water cooled), ups the CPU to a QX6850 (also now water cooled and running at 3GHz), adds a super fast 150GB Western Digital Raptor drive and Creative Audigy sound card, and replaces the basic keyboard and mouse with a Logitech G11 keyboard and a Razer Copperhead mouse. And, the asking price for this lot is £3,591.27. Finally, for a whopping £4,533.93, the nVidia GeForce 8800 GTXs get replaced with nVidia GeForce 8800 Ultras, a second 150GB Raptor is added (configured in a RAID 0 with the other one), the 500GB drive is upped to 750GB, sound comes via a Creative Xi-Fi Extreme Gamer Fatal1ty card, the keyboard moves up to a Logitech G15, the CPU speed is pushed to 3.5GHz, RAM doubles to 4GB, and, most importantly of all, the whole thing is water cooled.

Ultra Violet obviously has some sort of deal with eVGA as the only two motherboards on offer are the eVGA 680i SLI and eVGA 680i SLI Black Pearl, the latter of which is fully water cooled. EVGA graphics cards are also the only options with standard 8800 GTX and 8800 Ultra, and Black Pearl 8800GTX and 8800 Ultras the only one’s on offer. With eVGAs reputation, though, this is no bad thing.

As with any system builder, you can tweak your configuration to be just as you want it and there are options for adding monitors, speakers, game controllers, and even a flight case, for £899, so you shouldn’t be left wanting for any part of your PC. We, however, were supplied with the base spec Genesis XOC model for review.